Amazing People

The people at LexLords are amazing. They know their job and are highly motivated group of achievers. They mesmerize you with their knowledge on their subject, their efficient team-work and the insight that they have into immigration processes. They are heard-working, dedicated and very enthusiastic group of people. They are also fully abreast with the most recent changes in Canadian law and no legal detail can miss their attention. I cannot thank them enough in helping me get through a complicated case. Thank you LexLords for your passionate dealing of my case. You people are an inspiration!

– Kuldeep Kumar

My Spousal Sponsorship Successful

My wife and I were reunited In Canada after almost 6 years of separation. We had approached many lawyers during this time which did not really help us much. Almost all the people we hired for professional help would either not give our case attention or kept delaying appointments. I always got the feeling that just wanted to mint money from us over nothing. They also made our case complicated by giving wrong information. LexLords happened to me by pure chance. I got to learn about them from a colleague who pushed me hard to contact them. When I did, I was too reluctant to even speak of my problem fully. However, I was amazed how patient they were with me. They kept asking me questions to know more and that exchange proved to me that they had both the knowledge and passion to work seriously. I instantly hired them. They have been a blessing for me. I would like to recommend them to all the people who appreciate industrious and skilled people.

– Harjeet Kaur

Highly Skilled and hard Working

I had been longing to immigrate to Canada from many years. I really did not understand from where to begin. When I first contacted LexLords, I was like a clean slate and did not have any idea how these things are done. They assured me first that immigrating to Canada would not be much of a hassle for me as I had strong CRS points that would enable me for getting approval very conveniently. They also explained to me all the nitty-gritty of the immigration process. When I was speaking to them, I never felt as if they were selling themselves to me. They always left the final choice for them. I really started admiring them for their confidence in themselves, and respect for the client. I found, in the course of our interaction, that the team at LexLords were highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. They had many immigration stories to tell that revealed that they have gained experience from each case and are firm that they can save any serious situation as well. In my interactions with them, it showed that they were extremely proficient in their work.

– Vivek Kumar

My Father’s Inadmissibility Successfully Challenged

Such a satisfying experience with LexLords who helped me to challenge the decision of my father’s inadmissibility to Canada. Always committed, pro-actively involved and responsive on my case, I never had to push them to do things for me. They were always the first ones to contact me to update me with the situation of my application file and the subsequent appeal. I have seen such thorough professionals before. I would not only like to thank them here for their continuous concern but would also like to give them my highest regards for doing so much for their clients. Thank you so much each one of you.

– Varinder Singh

Deep Regards for you Hard Work

I never saw more passionate group of people around. They worked with great extraordinary diligence on my file of spousal sponsorship. It was a complex case with they worked out solution very quickly and appealed to undermine the immigration officer’s decision before the IAD. Their arguments reflected their level of knowledge and expertise in this field. I am going to hire them again as I am looking forward to sponsoring my parents to Canada as well. LexLords see you all again!

– Shabaaz Ashraf

Reunited a Family after long years of Wait

We had a long legal conflict which was dealt with a lot of consistent care, hard work and conviction of the team at LexLords. My two sons were refused permanent residency to Canada on account of their medical inadmissibility. LexLords guided us from the beginning of the procedure to its end. They always knew the right thing to do. They helped us in collecting the required documents and details on the health condition of our sons. Their research was thorough and extensive. They never made a mistake in their judgement of what would work best in a given situation.

– Ramesh James

90 Days and Problem Resolved

LexLords helped me in challenging the refusal on my work permit. Their documentation was always through, detailed and they also ensured that it was compelling. They exhibited great patience and fortitude during my interactions with them. I was grateful to my destiny that I came in touch with them in time. Thank you LexLords for your high commitment and acumen in your field.

– Om Parkash

Right Guidance just a Call Away

I thank LexLords for their constant guidance and direction at every step of the whole immigration process. I feel lucky that I contacted you at the right time. They got me the results in no more than three months. I was not even expecting such a quick resolution to my problem. Being once rejected for my work permit, I did not think that it will be easy for me to get an express entry to Canada. However, the exemplary effort of the team at LexLords proved me wrong. They worked painstakingly on my application and chalked out a plan of action for me. Their conviction was strong and I am only thankful to God that I met them. They are the best immigration firm around and will never disappoint.

– Rachhpal Singh

Appreciable Work

I highly appreciate the team at LexLords for the valuable information and guidance that they provided me with during the course of our interaction for my case. I had been twice rejected for my work permit and have become despondent. I was almost convinced that I should continue to stay in my own country rather than wasting time. Then one day, I saw their advertisement and immediately contacted them. My convictions changed after that. I knew that they are fully equipped with the kind of reasoning and problem -solving skill was required for my case. They really worked hard on my application, did thorough research to make it more convincing and made me realize how I had missed to fill extremely significant details of my previous work experience and training. They also helped me in the nomination process. At most times, they went out of the way to help me with understating the requirements of the program that I wanted to apply under, and also worked out the details for me. Really thankful to God that I came in touch with them at the right time. They are truly my saviors.

– Parmjit Kaur

Express Entry Successful

Very easy people to work with. It was an amazing experience with them. I contacted them to apply under the Express Entry program and they helped me in filing an error-free and compelling application. I was highly impressed with their resolve to be exact and meticulous in their approach. Anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada under any of the programs must contact them for a hassle-free application process.

– Kiran