Reuniting Families

I contacted LexLords last year when I had to file a sponsorship application for my parents who were refused on medical inadmissibility grounds to immigrate to Canada. I felt quite helpless at the refusal as I had always wished that my parents should join me in Canada. When I contacted LexLords, they were quite convinced that we should make an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. They took my case and worked on it thoroughly. They made an extensive application with compelling documentary proof. They worked with the local physician in Canada to figure out the diagnosis and treatment of my mother’s condition. They have a wide network in Canada that helped us to assess the medical situation of my mother. I was enthralled at their meticulous planning, research and execution. When I received the permission for parental sponsorship, I had tears in my eyes and could not thank LexLords enough for making my dream come true. Today my parents live with me in Canada and I always believe that had it not been for LexLords, we would not have been settled together.

– Julie

Talented and Goal Oriented

Pleased to announce that I have just received my PR. I am so happy that I can not find words to express myself. All thanks to LexLords for being so empathetic and determined to get me there. Immensely talented and incredible knowledge, these people have all the answers. Highly recommended. Do contact them if facing immigration hassles.

– Sonia

I contacted LexLords for rehabilitation approval application

The criminal charges against me were not serious and had no equivalent in Canada. I was convinced that I will easily get approval for rehabilitation. So, I filed an application independently. Later, I was shocked when I received a rejection on my application. I could not understand how that could happen. LexLords studied my application thoroughly and marked the irregularities and inconsistencies in my application. They made a thorough research in my crime history and compiled a detailed response based on their deep understanding of Canadian law. Since they have been in business from many years, they also knew the deficiencies in some procedures. This helped us to challenge the decision of the immigration officer. After that there was no looking back for me. For me, they are heroes.
– Lucky Prince

Perfect Answer to my Call of Distress

I remember the time when I was having a real difficult time with my application for temporary resident visa which was getting repeatedly refused. I wanted to visit my brother who had been recently blessed with a baby girl. LexLords worked hard on my file and worked out possible solutions to my problem. They helped me to make a re-submission that addressed all the objections made by the immigration officer. I was highly impressed with their attention to detail, valuable suggestions and high levels of professionalism throughout.

– Bruce Knight

Visas Received

I received my parent’s visas today and am very excited. I would like to thank LexLords for it. They were quite dedicated to their applications. As application filing is one of the most important steps in the immigration process, they were cautious while filling their details and also cross checked with us for every little detail. I am thankful that I came in touch with them. They have done a great favor to me. Now I can live with my family and give them a secure and happy life.

– Lovleen

Highly Resourceful and Resolute

I had almost reached a deadlock when I approached LexLords. My application for PR was rejected and I did not know what to do. I did not want to approach a law firm as I did not want to put my entire trust in complete strangers. I had earlier heard from people how hiring professionals prolong your case, and the process can burn a hole in your pocket. However, since I could not have helped myself much in this case, I contacted LexLords for further guidance. I really appreciated their straightforward approach to things. I was unable to procure a work permit to work in Canada. LexLords really worked hard to make my application appealing and compelling. They made an extensive research on my educational qualifications and work experience. They highlighted by strengths in my applications along with proper documentary evidence, thus, making my application quite compelling. They also helped me highlighting my skills according to the job requirements in Canada. Their guidance and support went a long way in making it possible for me to get a work permit within months. I was astounded with how fast the results came. I will always remain indebted to them for their acute knowledge of Canadian labor market and employment trends. They were really a great help in the entire process. I truly believe it would not have been possible without them.

– Yanis Constantine

A Hard Case Resolved with Ease and Ingenuity

I contacted LexLords with a complex case. I had earlier contacted a few other lawyers but was disheartened with their dismal responses on my case. They were charging a lot of money but failed to exhibit the confidence that was required to win my trust. When I approached LexLords, their first interaction with me was sign that they knew what they were doing. I hired them and have never regretted that decision. They helped me make my application file so persuasive that it was accepted under the Express Entry System. Within months, I was in Canada on a work permit. For me, they have been magicians. Truly recommended!

– Joginder Pal

Highly Committed and Resolute Team

Great thanks to LexLords for their guidance and support to assist us in filing for our permanent residency. They have a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate team of efficient workers. Their commitment is evident from the fact that each member at LexLords takes a personal interest in your case and would go to any lengths in inquiring about your case, making research on it and working out solutions. They are firm, resolute and confident of what they are doing. Their confidence is enough to make you convinced that your case is sure to be resolved. I have recommended them to many of my friends who found themselves in thick soup while applying for Canadian permanent residency. You can go to them and just forget your worries.

—Ben Halfpenny

A Professional Group You Can Trust

A great and highly professional team of proficient people. What is there in the Canadian law that they do not understand? The answer – Nothing! What an enthusiastic group of people committed to the goal. They were always patient with my frequent and anxious inquiries into my case, would spend a great length of time in explaining to me the odds and ends of my case, and never made me feel as if they are unnecessarily delaying my case. They had a close, composite, and diligent team of efficient workers who left no stone unturned in working out solutions for me. They always kept me updated on the developments of my case. I trusted them completely and never doubted he outcome of the case. Thank you LexLords for being so focused and goal driven. Professionals like you are rare. So, keep the good work up and keep helping people. Good Luck!

– Paula Ryan

Recommended for their Capacity to find solutions

Highly recommended. Who would not like to go to people who are sure to find resolutions to huge crisis situations? I can confirm that LexLords are thorough professional who have a very strong work ethic and problem resolution skills. I personally recommend LexLords to anyone trapped in immigration issues. Once you have hired them, I assure you that you can sit back and wait for them to make things work for you.

– Lizzie Rattie