Work Permit – Visiting your Spouse if he/she is on Work Permit

If you want to visit your spouse or partner who stays in Canada on a work permit, you will have to apply for a visitor visa.

You can also apply for an open work permit if you meet certain requirements of the permit. An open work permit can be applied only if your spouse’s work permit is valid for a minimum of 6 months and if he/she is employed in a skill recognized by the NOC in the skill level of A,B or O (Professional, trade or Management). This kind of work permit does not bound you with one employer making you free to change jobs as required.

Remember if any member of the family immigrates to Canada on a work permit, he/she can call their immediate family members to reside with them easily on an open work permit. You just need to fulfil the requirements to qualify under this program. A few of the requirements have already been mentioned above. Other than this, the members of the family must demonstrate that they are immigrating to Canada only temporarily and have strong ties back home. Finances of the family will also determine if they are permitted.

Extension of Work Permit

We were last year approached by a girl who had applied for an extension on her Canadian work permit. While her file was getting processed, she was offered a more lucrative job by another employer. When she came to us, she was in real conflict confused if she should move forward with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or wait for the extension application to get approved first. We explained the matter to her in detail. When you apply for an extension on work permit on the condition that you will work with the same employer, you get an implied status till the time the new work permit is not issued. If you change or shift employers while the processing is going on, your extension might get cancelled. Switching jobs is permissible under certain types of work permits only like the post-graduate work permit.

Better to hire professional assistance in this matter. There can be more nuances to your problem and an experienced Canada immigration lawyer can give you a personalized strategy to ahead with.

Travelling to Canada for Business Purpose – How to Go with it?

Business visitors to Canada do not need a work permit or travel visa to enter Canada. Section 187(3) of IPR outlines the common criteria for entry in Canada as a business investor, and Section 187(2) underlines the criteria with elucidatory evidence.

If, as a non-Canadian, you do not seek to enter the labour market in Canada, have a business of an international scope, and your remuneration, principal place of working, is outside Canada, you qualify as a Business Visitor.

Time Period

The Business Visitors can stay in Canada for up to 6 months from the date of their arrival. For a longer stay in Canada, the applicant must apply for a work permit as a temporary worker in Canada.

Activities that can be undertaken as a Business Visitor

As a Business Visitor you can undertake the following activities in Canada –

(1) Training -specific exercises which do not require goods production or services delivered.

(2) Staff meetings meant for standardising processes with Canadian employees.

(3) Sales specific calls to Canadian customers.

(4) Board meetings, and/or presentations and public-speaking events (seminars/conferences).

(5) Non-working meetings with Canadian customers.