Visitor Visas

If you are a permanent resident in Canada or a Canadian Citizen, you can call your parents or siblings to visit you on visitor visa. For a Visitor Visa, the applicants will have to prove that they are traveling to Canada on a temporary basis and do not have an intention of staying forever. This is established by showing proof that the applicants have strong ties back in their country and have plans to voluntarily return to their country at the time of the end of the visit.

For Visitor Visa, it is imperative to be very sure of what supporting documents are required to establish that you are visiting Canada only for a temporary period of time and have all plans to return.

What to do if the Visitor Visa is Refused?

If you have been refused a visitor visa once, you can always re-apply. Although the previous refusal can affect your future chances of getting an approval on visitor visa, it is still a prominent option. It is always advised that your immigration or visitor visa applications must be filled thoroughly, after proper research and understanding of the procedure and must carry all verifiable documents to establish the claims you are making in the application. Any inconsistencies or incongruities in a visa application can have a long-lasting effect on your prospects of immigrating to another country. However, if you have been refused once, do not take another chance. Consult an experienced immigration lawyer who can guide you through the process and assist you in the smallest detail which you otherwise may ignore.