Time taken by a Spousal Sponsorship to get Processed

Time taken by a Spousal Sponsorship application can vary from case to case. Every case differs in its nature, complexity and life history of the individuals applying. It is extremely difficult to ascertain how much time it may take for an application to be processed. In certain cases, it might take 6-8 months only but most often spousal sponsorships can take anywhere from 1 to 2 years minimum.

If your case is being handled by an experienced lawyer, there are high chances that a lot of complexities would be previously resolved because of the acumen of the lawyer. Amateurs can cause lot of delays and unnecessary wait.

We, at LexLords, have been in immigration business from a long time and have dealt with many complicated cases. We have specialized lawyers who deal in specific legal processes and therefore have both experience and knowledge to assist you in coming through the most complex of situations.