Thriving Through the Nunavut Nominee Program: A Canadian Immigration Success Story

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Thriving Through the Nunavut Nominee Program: A Canadian Immigration Success Story

Immigration is seen as an opportunity to change lives for many, but the process can be arduous and the legal intricacies daunting. At LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our expertise and assistance we provide to our clients. One such case that stands testimony to our commitment is helping a client successfully immigrate through the Nunavut Nominee Program.

Understanding the Complexity

The Nunavut Nominee Program aids businesses and employers in Nunavut to sponsor foreign nationals for Canadian permanent residence. However, navigating through its legal implications requires a detailed understanding of the Canadian Immigration Law and its related statutes. Cited below are the core laws that guided us in this particular case:

  • The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)
  • The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

Cutting Through the Legal Jargon

Case Studies have always been a vital tool in interpreting various aspects of law pertaining to immigration. In our client’s situation, two specific cases played a significant role in understanding the nuances and presenting a robust case:

  1. The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in Hilewitz v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), which reaffirmed the rights of immigrants.
  2. The landmark decision of IRB in Y.Z. v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), which provided clarity on the interpretation of certain critical provisions of the IRPA.

The Path to Resolution

In dealing with our client’s case, we adopted an approach that was in line with both the legal provisions and the guidelines set out by the Nunavut Nominee Program. Our step-by-step process was as follows:

  1. Understanding the Client’s Situation: We thoroughly evaluated the client’s current situation, his/her eligibility under the Nominee Program, and the specific requirements that needed to be met.
  2. Preparing the Application: Post the initial evaluation, we prepared a convincing application emphasising our client’s potential to contribute positively to Nunavut’s economy and society.
  3. Subsequent Legal Processes: Consequent to the application filing, we helped navigate through various legal proceedings ensuring that every legal compliance was met.
  4. Securing Permanent Citizenship: Our final step involved assisting the client in securing permanent Canadian citizenship through the appropriate legal channels.

Through careful preparation and relentless representation, we were able to help our client thrive through the Nunavut Nominee Program, resulting in a successful immigration to Canada.


An intricate blend of law, policy, and human stories shape each immigration experience. At LexLords, our mission is to infuse each case with our legal expertise and compassionate approach, enabling us to breed success stories that bear witness to our dedication towards our clients.