“Successful Immigration Detention Cases by LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers”

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Successful Immigration Detention Cases by LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers

At LexLords, we persistently strive to solve challenging Canadian immigration cases. This summary reflects our strategies that led to a favorable outcome, establishing a landmark in cases concerning immigration detention.


  • Case nature: Client had been placed under immigration detention for various grounds, including suspicion of inadmissibility to Canada.
  • Client concerns: The client feared a negative outcome would lead to deportation to a country where their life and freedom were at risk.
  • Legal perspective: We understood that the crucial issue was to prove that our client’s detention was arbitrary and violated their rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Strategies Adopted

  1. Extensive Review of Case Files: Thoroughly researched the reasons cited for our client’s detention.

    • Identified inconsistencies and gaps in the authorities’ arguments.
    • Determined whether the due procedure was followed during detention and if any rights were violated.
  2. Finding Grounds for Habeas Corpus: We sought release from detention on grounds of habeas corpus.

    • Analyzed circumstances under which detention could be deemed unlawful.
    • Made a strong case for our client’s fundamental right to liberty.
  3. Advocating Client’s Admissibility: Demonstrated that client posed no threat to Canadian society.

    • Presented evidence of the client’s positive contributions to society.
    • Showed ties to the community, such as family and employment.
    • Refuted arguments suggesting inadmissibility due to criminality or security threats.


Our client was released from detention after we successfully demonstrated procedural shortcomings of the detaining authorities, established grounds for habeas corpus, and proved that our client was admissible to Canada.

Impact of the Case

  • Detailed understanding of Canadian immigration law and comprehensive legal strategies led to successful outcome.
  • Set a precedent that can influence future cases of immigration detention in Canadian law.
  • Reinforced the fundamental principle of individual liberty and freedoms in Canadian society.