Successful Cases: Triumphs in Canada Border Services Agency Act by LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers

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LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers: Triumphs in Canada Border Services Agency Act

Our team at LexLords is proud to bring light on one of our successful cases where our strategic approach and deep understanding of the Canadian immigration law guided our client to a favorable outcome against the Canada Border Services Agency Act (CBSA).

Client’s Circumstances:

  • Our client was facing deportation after allegations of violation of immigration regulations and laws.
  • The client, who had lived in Canada for several years, risked separation from their family and established life.

Challenges We Faced:

  1. Overcoming the deportation order issued by the CBSA.
  2. Handling a complex evidentiary record that included convoluted legal documents and laws.
  3. Convincing the authorities of the client’s eligibility to stay in Canada, despite the alleged violations.

Strategies Implemented:

  • A thorough review of the client’s circumstances, including:
    • Analysing immigration history and status.
    • Evaluating their family connections in Canada.
  • Deep dive into the allegations and charges faced by the client:
    • Detailed examination of all documents and evidence presented against the client.
    • Comprehensive scrutiny of the actions leading to allegations.
  • Preparation of a strong defense strategy:
    • Gathering supportive evidence to counteract allegations raised by the CBSA.
    • Framing compelling legal arguments to challenge the deportation order.


  • The deportation order was successfully overturned.
  • Our client was permitted to continue their life in Canada with their family.

This case underscores LexLords’ unwavering commitment to our clients and our profound understanding of Canada’s complex immigration laws and regulations. We will continue to fight for the rights of our clients, ensuring their best interests are always at the forefront.

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