Successful Cases of LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers under the Balanced Refugee Reform Act

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Case Summary:

LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers recently achieved a successful outcome in a case concerning a client’s claim for refugee status under the Balanced Refugee Reform Act. The client, a national of a country with a record of human rights violations, sought our professional assistance fearing persecution and personal harm if returned to their home country.

Our approach in this case was multifaceted, incorporating a comprehensive understanding of Canadian immigration law, strategic planning, and an empathetic approach to the client’s personal circumstances.

Under the Balanced Refugee Reform Act, it was essential to demonstrate that the client’s fear of persecution was well-founded, and that they were not safe in any part of their home country. We prepared a robust case by gathering and meticulously analyzing evidence such as testimonials, news reports and human rights documents to substantiate the client’s fears.

Understanding the importance of credibility in refugee claims, we worked closely with the client to prepare them for the hearing. We conducted mock interviews and addressed potential weaknesses in their claim. Our strategies were aimed at preparing them to convincingly narrate their experiences and fears while maintaining consistency in their claims.

Moreover, we identified that the client could potentially be eligible for protection under Section 97 of IRPA as a person at risk of torture, cruel or unusual punishment. We utilized this as an alternative argument before the Immigration and Refugee Board, further strengthening our client’s position.

At the hearing, our experienced litigators were successful in persuading the Refugee Protection Division members of the genuineness of our client’s fears and risks involved. The rigorous preparation and strategic approach led to the positive outcome of our client being recognized as a Convention Refugee.

This case represents LexLords’ dedication to upholding the rights of refugees under Canadian law through strategic planning and thorough preparation.