Successful Cases: Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds under Section 25 of IRPA by LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers

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Case Summary: Successful Application on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds under Section 25 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

As a team of specialized immigration lawyers at LexLords Canada, we recently achieved a significant victory for a client applying for Canadian immigration on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds as per Section 25 of IRPA.

Brief on the Case:

  • The client, a foreign national, had been living in Canada for many years without legal status.
  • The client had developed significant ties within Canada, including community involvement, stable employment and established relationships.
  • The client had well-founded fears of returning to their home country due to adverse circumstances.

Our Legal Strategy:

  1. We initially conducted a comprehensive review of the client’s history, circumstances, and documents.
  2. We then developed a detailed narrative outlining the potential hardship they would encounter if forced to return to their home country.
  3. We effectively presented evidence of the client’s establishment and integration into Canadian society.
  4. We ensured close adherence to the specific provisions under Section 25 of the IRPA.

Key Legal Factors Considered:

  • The degree of establishment in Canada
    • The client’s length of residence in Canada
    • Their employment history
    • Their involvement with the local community
  • Family ties in Canada
    • Whether the family members are residents or citizens of Canada
    • The nature and quality of the relationship with family members
  • Best interests of any child directly affected
    • The impact on children’s education, health and development
  • Fears of returning to home country
    • Evidence of the potential risk and hardship they would face

The Outcome:

We successfully established that it would not be reasonable to require our client to leave Canada, given the unusual, undeserved or disproportionate hardship they would face. Following our comprehensive representation, the immigration official granted our client permanent residence on H&C grounds under Section 25 of IRPA.

Our Expertise:

We pride ourselves in attorney-client collaboration, targeted legal strategies and in-depth working knowledge of Canadian immigration law, which proves instrumental in navigating complexities and securing favorable outcomes for our clients.