Success Cases of LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers in GATS International Agreements

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Case Summary:

At LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers, we have successfully handled numerous cases involving immigration concerns under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). One of our significant success stories revolves around a client seeking to migrate to Canada through GATS international agreements.

Our client, engaged in a specialized field of technology, sought to explore global opportunities and wished to migrate to Canada. As the client was an employee of a multinational company with branches in Canada, the GATS agreement turned out to be the most viable path for his immigration. According to GATS, market access into Canada is offered to professionals from foreign companies having a commercial presence in Canada. The challenge was to secure our client’s immigration under this provision while strictly complying with Canadian Immigration laws.

Our strategic approach was twofold. Firstly, we effectively demonstrated that our client possessed advanced technical knowledge that was critical for the company’s operations in Canada. Secondly, we substantiated that our client’s presence in Canada was essential for the successful execution of some significant projects.

The complexity of this case revolved around proving our client’s unique and specialized experience, which could significantly contribute to the Canadian economy and make him eligible for immigration under the GATS agreement. We collected robust evidence, comprising professional certifications, recommendation letters, and detailed project outlines, to fortify our claim.

After a rigorous documentation process and persistent follow-ups, our targeted strategy and thorough knowledge of Canadian immigration law led to a favorable outcome for our client. Our meticulous approach succeeded in convincing the Canadian immigration authorities about our client’s exceptional expertise and his crucial role in his company’s Canadian operations.

This case serves as a testament to our expertise in GATS immigration matters, reflecting our ability to devise effective strategies that respect and comply with Canadian immigration laws. LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers are dedicated to providing comprehensive immigration solutions that cater to individual requirements and circumstances.

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