Study Permit Granted

We were contacted by a young girl who was denied a study permit. She had lived in Canada earlier on a study visa for a bachelor’s degree. However, due to a personal crisis, she had to leave the studies incomplete. During this time, her study permit terminated. She left Canada as her work permit was also no longer valid. She applied again for study permit to complete her studies which had been unintentionally interrupted. The immigration officer, however, denied her an approval because he doubted if she was in Canada was study purpose. A case of misrepresentation could also have been registered against her if timely intervention had not happened. We assisted the young girl in re-submitting her study permit application detailing the reasons why the girl had to leave her studies mid-way. We also attached whatever relevant documents the girl provided to establish that her case was genuine one – that she had strong ties to her country. Our Canada Immigration Lawyers also made an appeal on the grounds that the girl must be given a chance to complete her studies otherwise she will have to suffer. Her application was finally approved.