Sponsorship Application Process

There are two stages in the sponsorship program: First where an applicant is reviewed to check his/her eligibility. Second, where an applicant is assessed for permanent resident grant eligibility.

When a sponsorship application gets approved, the applicant and the sponsor are informed that their application is moving to the second stage of processing. After the proper assessment of the application, the applicant will get an approval in principle. Final approval will be received only once all medical and security checks of the applicant have also been assessed and approved.

Application Process: Sponsored spouses, common-law partners (including same sex partners) can apply for open work permit even if they have not received approval in principle. There are three ways in which an application can be made –

  1. In situations where sponsorship and permanent resident applications have yet not been submitted, an open work permit application can be submitted along with the sponsorship application and permanent resident applications. The open work permit application will be assessed after the IRCC officers have assessed the sponsorship application and the permanent residency application.
  2. If a permanent resident application has already been submitted but approval in principle has yet not been received, then the applicant must submit the open work permit application on paper with supporting documents and processing fees.
  3. If a permanent resident application has already been submitted but approval in principle has also been received, then the applicant can submit the open work permit online and not in paper.

If you have already been given an open work permit under any other program and wish to get it extended, then you must apply for extension under the regular extension process of work permits on paper or online. The application form and fees will differ for those who are applying for open work permit under spousal sponsorship program. The applicants are advised to give themselves enough time to collect all their required documents and apply for extension well in time. Also, there is no scope under these programs for errors and inconsistencies. All information provided has to be accurate and verifiable. Best advice is to consult an immigration lawyer who could help you to understand the nitty-gritties of the program and make a compelling submission. That will not only smoothen your application process but will also save you from much unnecessary hassle.