Special Instructions for International Students

A lot of times, it has been seen that the international students/non-Canadian foreign workers or people on temporary work permits become a victim of various scams while in Canada. A lot of times, people have contacted the IRCC to report that they were being threatened with deportation or arrest by some people claiming to be from the IRCC. Under such traumatic circumstances, they have also reported of complying with the callers demands and transferring funds to them. All those coming to Canada under work permits and study permits are advised to remain vary of such callers. They should constantly keep checking the IRCC website for latest information. The IRCC website mentions it very categorically that it does not demand any funds transfer on phone, mails or letters. The concerned people must first verify the identity of the callers before making any such contact with them. Such people must be careful while choosing a legal representative for immigration. One must always choose Lexlords with experience and acumen to assist you with all kinds of applications.