Reuniting Families

I contacted LexLords last year when I had to file a sponsorship application for my parents who were refused on medical inadmissibility grounds to immigrate to Canada. I felt quite helpless at the refusal as I had always wished that my parents should join me in Canada. When I contacted LexLords, they were quite convinced that we should make an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. They took my case and worked on it thoroughly. They made an extensive application with compelling documentary proof. They worked with the local physician in Canada to figure out the diagnosis and treatment of my mother’s condition. They have a wide network in Canada that helped us to assess the medical situation of my mother. I was enthralled at their meticulous planning, research and execution. When I received the permission for parental sponsorship, I had tears in my eyes and could not thank LexLords enough for making my dream come true. Today my parents live with me in Canada and I always believe that had it not been for LexLords, we would not have been settled together.

– Julie