Refusals – Work Permit Refusal, Study Permit or Visitor Visa

There are 2 ways to overcome refusals on work permit and study permit visas –

  • Re-apply
  • Submit an Appeal
  1. Re-applying – Reapplication is one option in case your application for work or study permit was not approved. For this, you need to comprehend fully the reasons for your refusal so that you may be more cautious and prepared while applying the second time. Your refusal letter might not always carry a fully detailed explanation of the reasons of your rejection so it is better to follow the formal mode of communication. First, submit an online Application for Access to Information. When you make a request for access to information, you will receive a fully detailed account of reasons that led to the refusal. You will receive this response in approximately 30 days as stipulated by the IRCC. Once you have this crucial information, you can assess your case carefully and find major deficiencies in your application. In case, you feel that your application missed on some crucial information because either you forgot to mention or you had deliberately left it, you should re-apply giving every little detail that is expected from you. You need to remember while making a re-application that there has to be some addition in your documents and submissions to make re-application worthwhile.
  2. Judicial Review – The second option is to appeal for a Judicial Review to the Federal Court of Canada. This is done when and if you find that the immigration officer made an error while assessing your case. An appeal has to be made within the 30 days from when you received the refusal. For a judicial review, you need to challenge the immigration officer’s decision. For this, there has to be some error or lapse of judgement on the part of the immigration officer. The Federal Court does not decide on your case and does not permit you to enter Canada. The Federal Court of Canada will only take a decision on whether or not your case should be sent for re-assessment. If the Court allows a re-assessment, Immigration, Refugee Citizenship Canada will go ahead with reviewing your case with a different immigration officer. It is best to consult an immigration lawyer in both the cases. If you want to re-apply, it is better to do it with professional help or you might make similar kind of mistakes again. It is highly challenging to be accurate in such applications as these demand high level of accuracy and credible information along with verifiable proofs. It can sometimes become bewildering to gather so much information and organize it in a meaningful manner. An experienced immigration lawyer can sort things for you in the most efficient and proper manner.