Permanent Residency Confirmation Via Phone Call

The IRCC has recently introduced a new program whereby the individuals whose permanent residency has been confirmed will be receive the information via a phone call which will smoothen the process for the applicants. Earlier, when the permanent residency of an individual was authorised, they would receive an approval letter and a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) document through mail. After this, to confirm their permanent residency status, the applicants were required to attend an interview at an IRCC office close to them or leave Canada and return through port-of-entry. This process was found to be lengthy, expensive and time-consuming.  This process was also not very friendly for those who either cannot afford to leave Canada or those who face difficulty in traveling to port-of-entry.

As per the recently introduced program, selected individuals will be informed about the confirmation of their permanent residency through a telephone interview. The document of Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) will be either mailed to the individuals or uploaded on the IRCC account of the individual if they had applied online. The process of the telephonic interview will remain same as that of the earlier one. Such interviews can take approximately 15 minutes or so. Since the program has been recently initiated and is still under at the scanning stage, the candidates who would be informed about the confirmation on telephone are previously selected. All others will have to attend their interview in person at the local IRCC office. Whether or not this program will become a permanent procedure depends on its success.