Permanent Residency Approved

We were contacted by a client who was unable to sponsor his family to Canada on medical inadmissibility grounds. One of the dependents in the family had cerebral palsy. In such cases, an entire family is declared inadmissible. We challenged the medical inadmissibility charge in the Federal Court and requested the court to reconsider their decision. We submitted an extensive report with the child’s medical history and a prognostics report. We also tried to establish that the child will be taken care of by his family without proving to be an excessive burden on Canadian social and medical services. Our Canada Immigration Lawyers also created a whole profile for the child detailing his special needs, school that he would get the required attention, along with demonstrating that the family was financially stable and will be able to take care of the child. The medical inadmissibility finding was thereafter overturned and the family was granted the permanent residency status.