My Word on It – They Care!

I can vouch for LexLords and their team of highly skilled professionals for resolving any immigration related crisis. I have found them to be thorough, meticulous, and perfectly involved with their clients. I was in contact with them for full 7 years when my case for parental sponsorship was going on. It was a complex case and it seemed like I would never be able to sponsor my parents to immigrate to Canada. My brother had cerebral palsy and my mother could not have come without him. I wanted both to be there with me in Canada. No matter what documents I submitted, there was always a negative outcome. We had to appeal, make submissions, and fight legal battle at the level of the Federal Court to make things happen for us. We could not have done this without the team at LexLords who were both patient and persistent in their endeavor. Today when I look back, I can only thank my luck for having contacted them perchance. That was surely one of the best decisions of my life.

– Ramna Devi