My Spousal Sponsorship Successful

My wife and I were reunited In Canada after almost 6 years of separation. We had approached many lawyers during this time which did not really help us much. Almost all the people we hired for professional help would either not give our case attention or kept delaying appointments. I always got the feeling that just wanted to mint money from us over nothing. They also made our case complicated by giving wrong information. LexLords happened to me by pure chance. I got to learn about them from a colleague who pushed me hard to contact them. When I did, I was too reluctant to even speak of my problem fully. However, I was amazed how patient they were with me. They kept asking me questions to know more and that exchange proved to me that they had both the knowledge and passion to work seriously. I instantly hired them. They have been a blessing for me. I would like to recommend them to all the people who appreciate industrious and skilled people.

– Harjeet Kaur