Misrepresentation Charges Reversed

My husband sponsored us to Canada a few years back, but we were refused spousal sponsorship because of misrepresentation charges against our application. It came as shock for us as we knew that this means unnecessary delay in our being together as a family. Since my children were also supposed to start their school in Canada, we were afraid that this could mean missing an entire academic year. In a state of fear, we contacted LexLords and were almost immediately pacified by the team there. The team of highly skilled lawyers at LexLords instantly convinced us that they can challenge the misrepresentation charge and help us successfully sail through this problem. They made extensive research on our file and asked for many required documents which we had ignored previously. At that time, we realized that we had ignored some prominent factors while applying. We received permission for permanent residency almost six months after the refusal. We as a family are highly indebted to the team at LexLords for making this happen for us. Thanks to the friend who referred us here.

– Deepika Sharma