Medical Inadmissibility Challenged

After many years of waiting, we were extremely disappointed when my parental sponsorship was denied on account of my mother’s medical inadmissibility. We had no idea what to do further. This was a shock to the entire family as the mother was living along at that time. We heard about LexLords from a friend and immediately contacted them. At first, we were dumbfounded as legal words and procedures made no sense to us and we did not know what exactly to do. The team at LexLords, firstly, made us understand the entire process. They explained complex legal procedures to us bit by bit. They asked all relevant documents from us which we happily provided. Though there were some problems in procuring so many documents, but we did as we were being directed. The team helped us in procuring documents that we had previously ignored to submit. A lot of files related to my mother’s health condition were never submitted in the previous application. The process took a few months and we kept patience. We were delighted when the team announced it to us that case will be resolved, and my mother will become a permanent resident of Canada. I wish to thank the entire team at LexLords to make this happen for us. We will remain forever indebted to them.

– Abha Kumari