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Jurisprudence is a legal term that refers to the theoretical study of law. It dives into the nature, structure, and interpretation of existing laws, the philosophy of law, ethical codes and their implications on society. It tries to answer profound questions about laws such as, ‘What is law?’ ‘Why do we need laws?’ ‘What constitutes a fair and just law?’

In simple terms, jurisprudence is like the behind-the-scenes study of the law. Think of law as a car; jurisprudence doesn’t just focus on how to drive the car or how to fix the car, but it also asks deeper questions like why cars are designed the way they are, why do we need cars in the first place and how can we make them better. In this case, the car represents the law. So, jurisprudence is about exploring and understanding the reasons, mechanics, values, and effects of laws.