Investigation in marriage fraud

Sanaa’s father always wanted her to move to Canada at the right time to have bright opportunities. Though she had a complete family in India, she always knew that she would like to re-settle in Canada and explore her potential independently.

In India, Sanaa had lot of friends. She was a sagacious young girl with dreams and aspirations. All her friends knew that she would not stay in India and wished the best for her. Sanaa made friends with Rishav when they were in college together. They clicked right at their first meeting at a friend’s birthday party. Gradually, they became the best of the friends. Rishav also from the very start had realised that Sanaa has plans to immigrate to Canada permanently. He feared losing her but for a few years did not let the thought of separation deter his spirits. They continued to be the greatest of friends throughout their college.

Everyone around was convinced that Sanaa would abandon her dreams of moving to Canada because of her very conspicuous liking for Rishav. Rishav was the son of a businessman and moving to Canada along with Sanaa was out of question for him. So, all their friends were counting the moments when Sanaa would rather announce her plan of not going to Canada.

When the college was about to end, Sanaa’s father started exploring opportunities for her in Canada. It did not seem like Sanna did not want to go. That was her dream and she knew she was going to pursue it. Additionally, a big motivation for Sanaa to move to Canada was because she wanted to give a better life to her younger siblings. Sanaa and Rishav, who by now knew that they were in love with each other, had already spoken about Sanaa’s plans for Canada. They had decided mutually that Sanaa would move to Canada, as she had always planned, and meanwhile Rishav could help his younger brother settler to overtake his father’s business. This way, Rishav was free to live his own life.

Sanaa’s moment of departure for Canada was a highly emotional one. She knew she would miss her family badly but more than that she was also afraid of a long-distance relationship. Having spent so many years growing up with Rishav, she was not sure if she could survive without him around.

When Sanaa moved to Canada, it was all beautiful and promising for her. She got herself a lucrative job and a decent apartment. Her family and friends all were really happy for her. Sanaa’s relationship with Rishav also went on smoothly for the first few months. Things began to turn sour as their call timings began to clash. Both had demanding jobs and it was getting difficult for them to keep on. They had several conflicts which they, however, soon resolve.

A few years passed with Rishav and Sanaa trying to keep their relationship afloat. Sanaa was dreadfully afraid that soon the thread will snap but she wanted to cling to the relationship. Her friends back home began to advise her to let go as they had started finding Rishav a little wayward. They were no longer sure about his nature and temperament. In fact, as soon as Sanaa had left, Rishav had lost touch with the rest of them and started out completely on his own. Nobody any longer knew what he was doing.

Sanaa, however, did not suspect anything. She believed in her heart that Rishav had no reason to stay with the group anyway. Meanwhile, Sanaa applied for a permanent residency status and got approved. Everyone was thrilled and so was Rishav. Her relationship with Rishav suddenly got better. He would keep awake for her to get free, make continuous calls and keep in touch no matter where he was.

Sanna could not have wanted anything more. She had finally fulfilled her dreams and now she was looking forward to better times with Rishav. Suddenly, one day Rishav proposed marriage to her. Sanaa just could not believe what he had just said. Till A few months back she had thought that maybe it is time to move on as long-distance relationship was becoming a cause for anxiety and distress for both. Now, all of a sudden, things changed. She informed her family about Rishav’s decision and all were happy. However, Sanaa’s friends were not very thrilled with the decision. One of her friends took the courage to ask her to rethink her decision as it was going to affect her whole life. Sanaa felt embarrassed. She did not know why a friend who knew both of them since childhood would suggest her to rethink her decision of marrying someone she had always known.

Sanaa came back to India to get married to Rishav. It was a perfect wedding ceremony. Both looked happy and Sanaa’s family was very emotionally charged. Sanaa had always wanted to sponsor her siblings to Canada so that she could have them growing around her. She did not have a mother and she knew that her younger siblings really wanted her.  However, since now she was getting married she knew that she would have to defer her plan to sponsor her siblings. Her priority was setting up a home with Rishav in Canada. She started making plans to sponsor Rishav to Canada.

Sanaa returned to Canada and started making sponsorship applications to get Raishav to Canada. Meanwhile, things with Rishav again started turning rough. He would remain distant and cold most of the times. Whenever Sanaa called, he would either be sleeping or helping around his father. Sanaa called some of her friends to talk to Rishav but no one wanted to do that for the fear of offending them. Already they were not very close to him. Sanaa noticed that the time taken by the sponsorship application to process was bearing upon Rishav. She made herself believe that Rishav was getting panicked because of the long distance. She almost started feeling sorry for him. She felt that Rishav had held up to her from many years, and now his rage was not entirely misplaced.

After a couple of months, Risahv received his sponsorship approval. He was thrilled, when he called Sanaa to share the news, Sanaa felt that she had seen Rishav so happy for the first time in many months. Excited, she started making plans for his arrival. She rented a bigger apartment for both of them and started looking for a better job as she knew that initially Rishav would be entirely dependent on her.

The day Rishav arrived in Canada was the happiest day in Sanaa’s life. She had tears in her eyes throughout the time of the ride when they drove back home. Rishav was amazed when he saw Sanaa’s apartment. He said that he could not want more than what she had done for him.

For a first few months, life was all rosy and glittery. Sanaa showed Rishav around and taught him some things necessary for initial settlement in Canada. Rishav learned fast. Within a few months, Sanaa started noticing that Rishav again began to drift away. He would prefer being alone. He stopped making conversations when she returned from work. He stopped having his meals with Sanaa. Sanaa got herself to believe that Rishav was probably getting anxious about settling in a new country and missing his family. She would make calls to his family to give him a reassurance that she was with him in this.

However, it did not take Rishav long to announce that he no longer wanted to stay with Sanaa. He said that he was not happy. The announcement was sudden and completely unexpected for Sanaa. Not in so many months had she ever thought that things could come to this. At first, in a state of shock she asked Rishav to leave immediately. But as soon as he began to pack his bags, Sanaa realised that he was serious. She tried calming him down and asked for an explanation. When Rishav started talking, Sanaa realised that Rishav had been making plans from many months to leave. He had, in fact, already looked for an accommodation and job for himself.

Sanaa was shocked. She called her parents back home who themselves could not figure out what went wrong. She also called her friends who were better prepared to receive the news. They had always known that something was amiss.

Sanaa was devastated. She could never have expected this from Rishav and not at all from her life. For may months, she could not bring herself to face the world. She was distraught and began to get anxiety attacks. A few of her friends in Canada helped her tremendously during this low period. One of her Mexican friends in Canada advised her to complain against Rishav as Rishav had exploited not only Sanaa’s innocence and had also mocked at Canada’s immigration laws.

Canada allows spousal sponsorship in order to bring families together. However, Canada is also severe in punishing people who mock at the system and dupe people for immigration goals.

That was when Sanaa came into our contact. When we heard her story, we could not believe that this could happen with someone who had know a boy from many years. However, we backed Sanaa for her decision to file a complaint against Rishav.

We made a strongly compelling submission against Rishav to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The CBSA is responsible for ensuring safety and protection of its Canadian nationals and undertakes such cases. Rishav was summoned by the CBSA and a hearing was scheduled. During his interrogation, he was found guilty of duping a girl and committing fraud marriage.

Though Sanaa received many calls from Rishav apologising and asking for another chance, Sanaa was sure that she did not want to trust a man who had been betraying her for so long. Rishav has already received his removal orders from CBSA and very soon will have to leave.

Though Sanaa is as devastated as she was months back, at least she has gained the confidence to start her life again.

Canada Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh ‘s blessings and good wishes to her and her family!