International Mobility Program and Possibilities of Opening a Real Estate Business in Canada

We were once consulted by the owner of Estate Company in India who wanted to pursue Real Estate Development in various provinces of Canada. His primary query was to know if it was possible for him to obtain a work permit in Canada.

In cases like these, business approval is decided on the following factors –

The Indian Company can pursue its business in Canada if it affiliates with or assimilates a Canadian subsidiary and send a foreign employee to Canada. The company is supposed to meet certain set requirements

The company must then provide a business plan which gives proper details of the business operations in Canada. These details must include particulars of capital investment, the business model, prospective contracts, human resources plan, and details on location of the business and estimated profits targeted. Everything has to be submitted along with supporting evidence and documentation.

The employee that the parent company send into Canada must either be a senior member or have specialized knowledge on product, services or operations of the company.

In case, one decides to expand business from a foreign nation into Canada, it is highly advisable to consult an immigration lawyer. Business investments or expansions related to real estate demand extensive documentation and many approvals at every step. Files and paperwork can get entangled at any stage. Lexlords Canada Immigration Lawyers will be able to navigate you through such complicated procedures, otherwise it can take years for such a files to get processed.