Hiring Foreign Workers Under Temporary Foreign Worker Program

If you want to hire foreign based workers for your company in Canada, it is best to go for the Foreign Workers Under Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Under this program, the employer must be able to prove that no other Canadian or a permanent resident in Canada could suffice for the job requisites. This rule is made under the consideration that Canadian nationals must be given a fair and equal opportunity for employment. In order to ensure that sufficient efforts were made, the employer is also required documents to demonstrate that the job was advertised, and enough recruitment efforts were made.

The recruitment efforts made vary from job type to job type. While employers in management and professional occupations need to follow the industry-set norms, employers in trades and technical positions must establish that they advertised on the National Job Bank. Further to this, some job types like those given to software engineers and post-graduate work permit holders do not require advertising at all.

The foreign-based candidate selected must have valid educational credentials, training and work experience in the specified skill along with authentic license, certificates and accreditation.

The foreign-based candidate must be paid in accordance with the industry pay standards. The employee must be given an equal and non-discriminatory treatment in the workspace.