Got Success!!

I came to Canada on a student visa a few years back to obtain a Master’s degree from Canada. It was my dream to acquire academic credentials from Canada. I immediately got a job after my Master’s which was extremely satisfying in terms of salary and growth. I decided to stay in Canada to continue with the job. I had adapted well into Canadian life and society. I had made many friends in Canada and knew that I will have a successful life here. I contacted LexLords through a friend. The firm helped me through the entire process and were always supportive. Finally, permanent residency was permitted to me as it was acknowledged that I am an asset to the country. My file was compiled in a way that all necessary details were already taken care of. There was nothing that missed the lawyer’s attention. It was such a satisfying experience. I can now live in Canada was a permanent resident. I do not need any work permits any longer. My life has definitely transformed, and I am grateful to LexLords for it.

– Ranjana