Foreign-Based Employee Recruitment – What to do take Care of!

Whenever you recruit foreign-based employees for your company in Canada, it is very important to do all the paperwork well in time and efficiently. Hiring foreign-based workers is easy but comes with procedures so that both the interests of the Canadians and the foreign worker can be safeguarded.

There are certain standards to be met by the employer who seeks to hire a non-Canadian skilled worker. The qualifying requirements to be fulfilled by the employer recruiting the foreign national are –

  • The employer must be permanently settled in Canada and directly engaged in business.
  • The non-Canadian employee must have all the right educational qualification and work experience suitable for the job offer.
  • The employer must have a good record of compliance with federal, provincial, or territorial laws in the past as well.
  • The employer must have made sufficient efforts to hire a Canadian national first. The employer will be asked to demonstrate that considerable efforts were made to ensure the same. The minimum efforts made to hire a Canadian first vary from job type to job type. If the employer is hiring for trades and technical posts, the employer is required to advertise on the National Job Bank. However, if the employer wishes to fill managerial or other professional posts then he has to put efforts as consistent with the industry. If employers want to hire an individual on post-graduate work permit, they need not advertise at all. All in all, a major consideration for the Canadian government is that Canadian people must be given preference for employment opportunities.
  • The employer must ensure that the working conditions for the hired professionals are conducive, free of abuse and non-discriminatory.
  • The employer must demonstrate if any prior commitment made at the time of LMIA issuance related to skill and knowledge of Canadian nationals have been delivered.
  • The employer must pay full wages to the non-Canadian employee as per the Canadian market standards. No discrimination should be levelled at foreign workers.