Expired Permanent Residency Card Renewal

Permanent Residency Card can be renewed if you have stayed (have been physically present) in Canada for at least two years out of five. Other considerations are as follows-

  • You are fully employed in Canada.
  • You are accompanied by a Canadian spouse, common-law partner (including same-sex partner) or parent.
  • You are with a permanent resident in employed in Canadian public services.

The process should not be a long one if you have all the required documents and meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

Renewal of Permanent Residency Card if you have Stayed mostly out of Canada

Your permanent resident card can be renewed if you have genuine reasons to establish for your absence from the country. Most of the times, such applications are considered under Humanitarian and Compassionate ground category. What is crucial in these cases is how persuasive and compelling your submission is. In all such cases, it is best to get professional assistance.