English proficiency for Canadian Citizenship

Applicants for Canadian citizenship must be able to demonstrate their language proficiency in either English or French. There are some designated tests that applicants are supposed to take and submit their results along with the other documents for Citizenship. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has given a detailed list of documents needed to demonstrate your language skills in either English or French.

Tests required to be taken can be either of the following-

  1. Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) – for French
  2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)– for English
  3. CELPIP – to measure language proficiency in English

Other Documents –

  1. Any verifiable proof, certificate or document of secondary education.
  2. Any verifiable proof, certificate or document of post-secondary education.
  3. The points calculation are decided by a benchmarking scale called Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and is regarded a threshold to qualify for any points for reach of the 4 sub skills is CLB level 7,also described as “adequate intermediate proficiency”. You will need a documental proof of the same.