Canada Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

Please note:

  1. We are Canadian lawyers.

  2. We are authorized under Canadian laws to provide Canada immigration advice.

  3. We are NOT immigration “agents” or unlicensed consultants, as they exist in India.

  4. We do not provide LMIA and we do not assist anyone in “buying LMIA”.

  5. We are transparent, approachable and reliable.


Do you need a Canadian Immigration Lawyer in Chandigarh, India? Our Canadian Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh, India have immigration law practice as part of Law Society of Ontario, Canada. According to Canadian law, a person who is not a Canadian lawyer or ICCRC consultant or Quebec Notary cannot provide Canadian immigration law advice or immigration services. This means that as per Canadian law, most of the immigration consultants in Chandigarh are not fit to provide you any immigration advice. Not only that, India qualified lawyers can also not provide advice or services related to Canadian Immigration law, simply because they lack knowledge and resources to give proper Canadian immigration law advice.

  • Best Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

    – The best immigration lawyer in Chandigarh is the one who is actually authorized by government to provide you legal advice. So if you want to take consultation or immigration services for going to Canada, the proper person to meet is a Canadian lawyer only. This is so because Canadian lawyers study Canadian law and know Canadian procedures. They understand why these procedures were put in place and how to follow them as per Canadian law.

  • How much do immigration lawyers charge in Canada?

    Canadian immigration lawyers have their own rates as per their experience and expertise. Charges may vary from per hour consultation or a fixed fee. Make sure you ask all the charges before you hire a Canadian immigration lawyer.

  • Do I need a lawyer to immigrate to Canada?

    You do not need a Canada immigration lawyer to immigrate to Canada. The question is different from “should I engage an immigration lawyer?” There are many reasons why you should engage a Canada immigration lawyer, even though it is not required. See the videos here. You should take advice of Canada Immigration lawyer for Canada PR, TRV, study visa, work permit, LMIA or appeals and reviews.

  • Can a lawyer from India practice in Canada?

    A lawyer from India cannot practice in Canada and vice versa. If an Indian lawyer wants to practice in Canada, the Indian lawyer must get licensed as lawyer in Canada.

  • Best immigration consultants Chandigarh

    – An immigration consultant can never compete with skills of a Canada immigration lawyer. Unlike lawyers, they can also not appear in courts in Canada and represent clients in Canadian courts. Also, immigration consultants Chandigarh can not help you in Canada Visa Refusal Appeals or Review services.

  • Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

    – There are less than 5 persons in Chandigarh who are authorized to provide Canada Immigration advice or Canada Immigration services. All others are unauthorized as per Canadian law.

  • Canadian immigration lawyers in Chandigarh

    – As mentioned above, there are a few persons only who can provide Canada Immigration services or Canada Immigration advice. You should be careful of Canada Immigration consultants because of so many frauds and forgeries committed by them in the past.