Conquering Adversity

We were contacted by a man who had once been the Permanent Resident of Canada but had to return to his own country because of some family dispute back home. His wife and youngest child had to stay back in Canada as the child had started school in Canada and changing her countries so often would have been detrimental to her educational and emotional health. Unfortunately, within a few years of his re-settlement in his home country, a civil war in his country threatening the peace and stability of every citizen, especially those in minority. The government failed to ensure the safety of its citizens and many minorities began to leave the country.

In order to keep his family safe and away from harm, he tried getting a job in Canada. Despite many years of experience in Canada, he could not get a job for himself.

Our client, when first met us, was undergoing the most traumatic phase of his life. He had already faced separation from his family once. Now he wanted to return to Canada to get re-united with his family. However, the biggest hurdle for him was that his permanent residency card in Canada had expired. We spoke with our client and asked him to share all the details of his immigration history and travel history with us. We listened to his story and assured him that we would do everything to ensure a safe passage for him back to his family in Canada.

A prominent point here is to know that even if someone’s permanent resident card gets expired, they continue to remain permanent residents. We prepared all the documents and application of our client to get him a renewal on his permanent residency card. In this case, we had to establish that our client was faced by circumstances that he had no power to control. We made a plea to the immigration office on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds seeking renewal for our client based on the fact that his country was no longer a safe place to live for him. Additionally, we tried establishing that he could not leave his country and stay in Canada because of unavoidable circumstances.

Canadian immigration law has always stood by people who are facing threat of life, or under fear of persecution for various reasons. We applied a permanent card renewal for our client while he travelled to Canada to stay with his family. While our client was immensely happy to be back with this family in Canada, he also feared the result of his card renewal. However, a chance had to be taken.

Our client entered Canada through USA borders and made a claim at Canadian port-of entry. The CBSA officers inquired his case, heard his story and examined his documents. Since our client had a clean track record of the time he had spent in Canada earlier, he was permitted to enter Canada.

Recently, our client was given the permanent residency status by the Canadian immigration office and the entire family was overjoyed.