Hardcore Professionals

We had a complicated immigration case which was easily resolved by LexLords. We had received a nomination under the PNP program which was later cancelled. We contacted LexLords after feeling disappointed with three earlier lawyers. LexLords helped us to get our expired nomination reissued. They had a clear idea of what to do and guided us throughout the case. We never fell in any doubt during the process. They had our complete trust in them, and they never disappointed us. They are thoroughly professional and supportive. I would like to recommend them to anyone looking for immigration help.

– Shabnam

Non-judgement Personalised Approach

When we came to Canada, there were some issues with our application files, and we were convinced that we would never be able to become permanent residents in Canada. On the suggestion of a friend, we approached them and asked for their support and help. They assisted us in filing our application form and collecting all the relevant documents. They also helped us in compiling reasons for the information and documents that were missing. All incongruities of our immigration history were taken care of by them in the most professional manner.  We were always treated with utmost respect and grace whenever we contacted them. They are not at all judgemental which makes it easy to speak to them. Today we are highly indebted to them for making our dream come true. We are presently living in Canada as permanent residents and are quite proud of it. This could not have been without LexLords.

– Mayur Patel

Referred by a friend

I came to LexLords after getting disappointed from two lawyers who took over my case quite enthusiastically at first but then kept delaying an appointment with me to discuss my case. I approached LexLords through a friend but I had my doubts. However, in the first few discussions only I was thankful that I had finally come to the right place. What I particularly liked about the group is their high regard to client expectations, their deep analytical skill to gauge lapses in applications and their insight into Canadian laws. Though there are many in this field, I could tell that they are in business from years and have therefore attained first-hand experience not available with others. Their high professionalism was sure to get me somewhere on my case and so it was. They worked on my work history and helped me in applying for a work permit under Express Entry. I am extremely grateful to them for their well-guided assistance.

– Shashi Bidda

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Careful Handling of Application brings Success

My permanent residency application was recently approved. It was all because of the methodical way in which the LexLords firm handled my case. My case was so complicated that if they had not taken it seriously from the very beginning, it would have been impossible for me to establish myself in Canada. The team at LexLords is highly professional, passionate, and experienced. Every penny that I spent was worth it. They saved me a lot of time in working out a resolution for me. I would like to recommend LexLords to everyone wanting to immigrate to Canada.

– Monika Yadav

Fruit of Hard Labor – Success

I would like to extend my gratitude to the remarkable team of efficient people at LexLords who are great in working out solutions to highly complicated immigration problems. When I approached them for my case, I had already reached a dead-end. They almost reversed the way the case was going. They were quick in providing solutions, attentive to detail and responsible. They advised me to apply under Humanitarian and Compassionate ground category as there were lot of intricacies in my case. They knew the Canadian law thoroughly and assisted me in documentation and also prepared me for the interview. There was no detail which was overlooked or simple undervalued by them. Such thoroughness in work is really appreciable.

– Sophie Farrell

A Journey Completed with You

I completed my journey of immigrating to Canada with the continuous and consistent support of LexLords. I am sure I would have messed my case had it not been for them. The team at Lexlords is responsible, perceptive and efficient. They have real knowledge of their field and understand Canadian law inside out. They did a phenomenal job on my case and I am so happy that they were the first I contacted. I did not have to waste time and feel anxious. Their services are also economical and do not burn your pocket. They are also honest and sincere so there is no hidden cost to their services. A very transparent process and extremely professional team. Thank you LexLords for being so resolute and determined.

– Malkeet Singh

Meticulous and Exact

With a complex immigration history that became the reason for my permanent residency application to be rejected, I contacted LexLords with absolutely no expectations of any resolution. I was completely disillusioned during those times and did not expect things to succeed not matter what I did. The team at LexLords was always professionally committed to my case. Their research was exhaustive and extensive. They also prepared me thoroughly for an interview with the immigration officers. I am glad that they prepared my paperwork with extreme care, and also helped me get through the interview. Without their help, I could have put myself into trouble as any small error in providing information can amount to misrepresentation. I am glad that I contacted them.

– David Ahmad

Deportation Orders Challenged with success

I contacted LexLords when I received deportation orders. I was completely shaken with the event and could not think anything. One of my friends suggested me to take legal help. I was convinced that I needed one but did not know where to do. In such a case, I was afraid that people might judge me and could also complicate it further by misjudging the situation. I knew that the criminal charges against me were neither serious nor applicable any longer. I had already been rehabilitated. I researched and pinned down LexLords based on the testimonials of their clients. Believe me! I have never regretted my decision. First and foremost, they have always treated me with immense respect and dignity. With their care and commitment, I received an approval letter for my rehabilitation within months. Now I am free to apply for work permit in Canada.

– Ranjit Singh

Do not Despair, Contact LexLords

I approached LexLords when all hope was already lost for me. I was on the brink of being deported from Canada along with my family. It was a humiliating experience to feel the fear of deportation. I was convinced that nothing would save me now until I met LexLords. People at LexLords are really enthusiastic, result-driven and determined. They narrated many accounts to me where they had got the deportation orders reversed. I finally put my trust in them and hired them. Initially, I would feel perplexed as they wanted me to do a lot of paperwork. They wanted so many documents from me and kept asking numerous questions. Later, when I was interviewed by the Canadian counsels, I realized how efficiently they had worked on my file. They had removed all incongruities and irregularities from my application to make it more persuasive. They also prepared me for a full-length interview with the inquiring officer emphasizing on various details that I would need to be attentive to during the interview. Sometimes, their insight and pre-emptory preparation would surprise me. Today I am settled in Canada as a permanent resident along with my family and can only feel gratitude for the firm. They were a blessing for me. I have recommended them to many of my friends in my home country and have always felt glad that they have never disappointed any of my friends. In fact, everyone has a similar story of admiration and gratitude for them.

– Sukhdev Raj

Beacon of Hope.

LexLords were a ray of sunshine for me on a very dark day. I was already despondent with my rejected application for PR and was undergoing a serious phase of depression when my friend first made me speak to them over the phone. Within a few minutes, they had instilled hope back into me and I was looking forward to discussing my case with them in complete detail. They listened to my troubles patiently and then made some acute observations on my file. I was instantly impressed with their profound insight into Canadian procedures and law. I immediately decided to hire them. Believe me I have never regretted that decision in my life. They got my PR application approved within a few months and couldn’t be happier. I would advise anyone to go to them who feels like they have reached a deadlock in their immigration process and can move no further.

– Naib Singh