A Great Start to the Day

We received the delightful news just now that we have become permanent residents of Canada. This could not have been possible without the continuous support and guidance of the people at LexLords. They were always there for us. I never found them ever frowning at our nagging questions or our impatience with the delays from the visa office. We are happy that we contacted them. Thank you LexLords for making this happen for us.

– Jane Beeko

Removal Orders Successfully Challenged

Thank you for the outstanding support and assistance from LexLords on my case of medical inadmissibility of my brother. From the day I contacted them, I was assured that they will find some resolution to my issues. There was never any doubt since they were brilliant in their skills of accumulating data and foreseeing problems that may arise in case some omission is made. I cannot thank them enough for making it possible for me to stay in Canada as a permanent resident.

– Gagandeep

Success with Citizenship Application

I came to admire and appreciate the team at LexLords during whatever time I kept in contact with me regarding my immigration case. They made it possible for me to become a permanent resident of Canada. Today, I have filed for my citizenship application and so contacted them again to get assistance from them. I thought of first thanking them for a wonderful collaboration I had with them some years back. Mine was not an easy case but what could have deterred the spirits of the team at LexLords who are zealous and enthusiastic for their work. I found them even more enthusiastic for people they come to engage with as their clients. They were always respectful and understanding. I am highly thankful to them for being such a great help. Thanks for everything team for whatever you did for me. Highly recommended!

– Amanjot Kaur

Medical Inadmissibility Reverted

I would like to shower my blessings on the team at LexLords for their commitment and zeal to work. My son had applied for a parental sponsorship to bring me and my wife to Canada. However, due to a heart condition, I was found inadmissible. That also thwarted the possibility of my wife’s immigration to Canada too. My son was completely devastated at the negative tidings. He had been living alone for many years in Canada now and wanted us all to live together. We both also felt desolate. My daughter on the suggestion of a friend asked us to contact LexLords. In our very first conversation with people at LexLords, I was convinced that we can make it to Canada. They made extensive research on my health condition, spoke to people in Canada to locate a doctor there who could attend to my health crisis, asked me to get all my relevant medical documents, and made an extensive submission to the immigration office demonstrating that my health condition would not put any extraordinary strain on their health and social services. They worked really well on my application. There was no detail or fact that escaped their attention. I was really impressed by their enthusiasm and positive spirit. After contacting them, my wife and I received our sponsorship approval within a few months. My son could not hold back his tears when he heard the news. We are soon traveling to Canada. I am writing this to thank the team at LexLords for being so extraordinarily committed to their work. For me, they will always remain god’s gift. Thank you so much!

– Balbir Singh

Lifesavers! LexLords were real life saviors for me.

They won a 7 year long legal battle with me which I had almost given up. They not only convinced me that this will happen but also worked laboriously on my court appeal. I never saw such committed people ever in my life. They were so determined to resolve the case for me that at one point I left everything on them entirely. I never found them employing any unfair means to secure my PR or unnecessarily prolong the case. They explained me in very simple language in the easiest way. They helped me in gathering all necessary documents. Whatever loopholes were left by me in my application form, they saw to it that nothing remained ambiguous. Throughout their interaction with me, they treated me with respect and dignity. Sometimes, I would ask many questions out of anxiety, but they have always counseled me out of my state of stress. I am so thankful to them for being kind and determined. I will always recommend them to people who are looking for the best counsel for immigrating to Canada. You will not find more cordial people anywhere else who do not also compromise on their performance and result.

– Yasmin Nasser

Commendable Job and Great Commitment

I had a wonderful experience in the time I remained in touch with LexLords for my case. They have a dynamic set of professionals, each with a different expertise. When all their minds are out together, you have a perfect resolution to the most complex cases. I have witnessed them dealing with many other clients and was always impressed by their animated discussions on their modus operandi and discussion on possible outcomes. They were always prepared for every wrong turn and would think of a solution before-hand. I have never seen such level of expertise ever before in my professional dealings. I wish the firm a great success in all their endeavors. I could not have found a better set of people to work on my case. Thank you LexLords.

– Soloman P.

Best immigration firm

Success. I can surely say that they are one of the best immigration firms around and will handle your case with utmost gravity and concern. They do not flout norms and yet bring out the perfect solutions to your immigration woes. They are Godsend!

– Harpal Singh

Approval on Study Visa

Incredible team effort! What great levels of commitment by all the team-mates of LexLords group. Committed, assiduous and immensely methodical in their ways, I always found them amazing. There is surely nobody like them around and anyone can go to them who needs assistance with immigration to Canada.

– Eve

I contacted LexLords a year back for a Permanent Residency application file.

The team at LexLords explained to us the entire process very patiently. The process of long and painstaking but the team assured us that they will always be there for helping and guiding us. They gave us some forms to fill and applications to sign. They also asked us to collect some necessary documents to attach along with our application file. I had done an extensive research on the requirements for filing the application, but I was quite surprised when in realized that there was so much that completely escaped my attention. I came to acknowledge the fact that application filing is not as easy as it seems and must be undertaken under expert supervision. There was so much that I did not hold as necessary and I am now convinced that had I filed my application independently; it would have been instantly rejected. The team at LexLords were full of assurance and encouragement. They also wrote a very strong and persuasive letter of recommendation for me. I am glad that I contacted them in the very first go. I saved a great deal of time by making that right decision. Since then I have been recommending the firm to everyone dealing with immigration. I can assure all that they are the best in the business and are the most hard working and professional group of people around.

– Kashmir Singh

Awesome Group

I was highly disillusioned when I finally approached them thinking they maybe they can save a sinking ship. I would like to establish here that I have never regretted that decision. They were wonderfully efficient and responsible in the way that they dealt with my family. I really recommend them to anyone who is looking forward to solutions for their immigration troubles. Do contact them if in mess. They are the best.

– Naresh Kumar