Got Success!!

I came to Canada on a student visa a few years back to obtain a Master’s degree from Canada. It was my dream to acquire academic credentials from Canada. I immediately got a job after my Master’s which was extremely satisfying in terms of salary and growth. I decided to stay in Canada to continue with the job. I had adapted well into Canadian life and society. I had made many friends in Canada and knew that I will have a successful life here. I contacted LexLords through a friend. The firm helped me through the entire process and were always supportive. Finally, permanent residency was permitted to me as it was acknowledged that I am an asset to the country. My file was compiled in a way that all necessary details were already taken care of. There was nothing that missed the lawyer’s attention. It was such a satisfying experience. I can now live in Canada was a permanent resident. I do not need any work permits any longer. My life has definitely transformed, and I am grateful to LexLords for it.

– Ranjana


I have always believed that it is important to have experts on your side while applying for immigration to another country. When I decided to immigrate to Canada, I had already concluded that legal help is a must. There are so many provisions and clauses in every immigration program that all cannot be understood independently. Legal help keeps you on a safe side by advising you on what exactly to do. When I contacted Lexlords for my immigration case, I entrusted them with full responsibility of working out the best solution for me. They assisted me in applying for a permanent residency from the very beginning. From choosing the most appropriate province in Canada to choosing the right program to apply under, everything was suggested by the team. Today when I look back, I am convinced that contacting them was one of the best decisions of my life. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to work with people who are more concerned with customer satisfaction that the material benefits.

– Nusret Isen

Kudos to LexLords

After struggling with parental sponsorship from a long time, I finally received an approval without the Immigration Appeal Division challenging my application for sponsorship. I am extremely grateful to LexLords for their smooth and consistent assistance that was the primary reason for my convincing application. They represented my case with sincere commitment, knowledge, and close attention to detail. They really worked hard on my representation and I do not think it would have been possible without their continuous guidance, support and direction.

– Darren Samuels

Long term relationship

I remained into contact with the team at LexLords for almost a decade. First, they helped me with parental sponsorship and later I contacted them again after six years due to deportation crisis. The team is extremely dedicated, reliable, and non-judgemental. They know how to hold their clients in respect and dignity. They worked with extreme dedication on my file and would chalk out solutions with a lot of care. Sometimes I was amazed how they could think before-hand and figure our solutions according to it. Whenever I have spoken to them in these ten years, I have always been amazed at their level of knowledge about not only the Canadian Immigration law but also about the country in general. That also helped us a lot. They are one of the most professional people I have ever come across.

– Zoe

Perfection Personified

During my contact with LexLords, I came to appreciate the team for its commitment to perfection, professionalism, and honesty. I would recommend them to everyone looking for a professional help for immigration purposes. Believe me they are the best.

– Rachel

They Deliver what they Promise

I had been denied a study visa is Canada thrice before I approached LexLords. The team at LexLords showed a keen interest in my file. Many a times, I saw them deeply engaged in animated discussions over the issues concerning my application and in brainstorming sessions. Despite their own expertise on my subject, they would always entertain my suggestions as well and that really mattered to me as I felt included in the whole process. They have a high level of regard and respect for their clients which is rare these days. I particularly appreciate their problem-solving skills. They worked very hard on my file and made a very compelling representation. Their attention to detail in another appreciable quality that I came to admire. I recommended them to many of my friends who were struggling to immigrate to Canada. Each one of them came back with extremely satisfying outcomes. I am glad they are there to help folks like us. Thank you LexLords for your commitment and dedication to your work.

– Raveena

Family Sponsorship Granted

LexLords is a name in the immigration field and I think now I know why. They are determined, dynamic and extremely deft at their job. I never saw them laid back. Whenever I contacted them to know about further developments, they would have always done appropriate research on the case and were s step ahead. Their work always preceded my expectations and that was a major cause of satisfaction for me. I never had to nag them. I wanted to sponsor my wife and my application was rejected twice. They remained resolute and asked me to go for a second hearing when we received a negative response in the first one. They were always persistent and focused. Sometimes it was due to their conviction that I would keep going on otherwise I would have pulled out long back. Today I do not understand how to thank them and I know whatever I say would not be enough. All the credit of the success of the case goes to the efficient team for whom sky was the only limit. Really appreciate their hard work and skill. If looking for support and guidance, then look no further and contact them. Surely, they are the best in the business.

– Namita

Determined and Efficient

A determined team of people who know just what they are doing. Once you contact them, you can sit back and rest everything with them. When I approached them, I did not have any legal papers to support my stay in Canada. My work visa was expired two years back. I was convinced that I will be deported from the country and would never be allowed to come back. I was completely disillusioned. I knew that I needed help and contacted LexLords immediately. I was already aware of their achievements. I have always thanked my fortune for having come to them when the time was right. In no more than a year, I had a new work permit and was working in Canada legally. My permanent residency application was also approved. What looked like a hopeless situation was turned by the team at LexLords and I was amazed at their level of commitment to their work.

– Shewly Evans

People with Caliber and Zeal

Priceless memories with LexLords. Extraordinary caliber of each of their employees, personal attention that they give to each of their client, and the immense ocean of knowledge they have, all have left an indelible mark on my mind. I would always remember them as thorough professionals. Highly recommended!

– Sarwan Singh

Long Dormant Dream Fulfilled

It was a long and difficult battle and would not have received a positive outcome if it had not been for LexLords. They remained engaged in my case throughout the course of the time and their spirits never looked diminished. They were always optimistic and determined. I think much of their conviction comes from the fact that they are highly proficient, laborious, and exacting in their work. I am grateful that I came in touch with them and relied on them for my immigration. I recommend LexLords to anyone dealing with immigration troubles. Thank you LexLords for fulfilling my dream. Keep the good work up and all the best for all your future endeavors.

– Beverley McBain