Deportation Orders Challenged Successfully

We were facing the deportation threat when we first approached LexLords. They helped us throughout the process and treated our case as urgent. They also treated us with a lot of respect and dignity. They have a team of knowledgeable workers who are also dedicated and goal oriented. I am grateful to them to help us though a traumatic phase with care and respect. And of course, they made our dream come true. Today, we live as permanent residents in Canada.

– Kaur Singh

Great Team Work!

Thank you LexLords for making my dream of settling in Canada come true for me. You did not only make it possible for me to settle in Canada but have also assisted me in getting my parents abroad. Loved every bit of my interaction with you. You have a humble yet industrious team of efficient workers. God bless you all!

– Tirlochan Singh

Incredible Team Work

I was caught up in a case of misrepresentation and thought of contacting them. I had on an earlier occasion seen their advertisement and decided to approach them. It was a long battle for me as I had worked with three lawyers earlier and found all of them inadequate to deal with my issues. I had a completely different experience with LexLords who won an appeal for me. They really worked studiously on my appeal. They did extensive research into my immigration history and work experience. They created a compelling appeal for me where they tried establishing me as an asset for Canadian labour market. They always tried getting me nominated. I was really impressed by their high level of professionalism and the deep inclination to make things work out for their clients in the best possible manner. I would recommend them to all. Contact them and just forget about your troubles.

– Vikas Kumar

Professional Integrity and positive Approach

I have always admired LexLords for their commitment to detail and an optimistic outlook. In my long association with them, I never saw them discouraged. Extremely helpful and hopeful, they really work hard to figure out solutions for their clients.

– Maan Singh

Study Visa Application Approved within Weeks

I approached LexLords to work on my application under the Express Entry for study visa which had once been refused. I could not take another chance on my application and needed help. LexLords guided me at every step with their perceptive approach to things. They were always one step ahead of the others in their problem handling and resolution finding. Their expertise and experience in the field was evident in the way they made submissions to the immigration office regarding my application. They would bring into consideration those obsolete facts that I, as an applicant, had never attended to. It was then that I realized that I had made terrible mistakes in my application. Had it not been for LexLords, I would have wasted an entire academic year in the process of procuring a study visa. Forever indebted to you LexLords!

– Suresh

Misrepresentation Charges Reversed

My husband sponsored us to Canada a few years back, but we were refused spousal sponsorship because of misrepresentation charges against our application. It came as shock for us as we knew that this means unnecessary delay in our being together as a family. Since my children were also supposed to start their school in Canada, we were afraid that this could mean missing an entire academic year. In a state of fear, we contacted LexLords and were almost immediately pacified by the team there. The team of highly skilled lawyers at LexLords instantly convinced us that they can challenge the misrepresentation charge and help us successfully sail through this problem. They made extensive research on our file and asked for many required documents which we had ignored previously. At that time, we realized that we had ignored some prominent factors while applying. We received permission for permanent residency almost six months after the refusal. We as a family are highly indebted to the team at LexLords for making this happen for us. Thanks to the friend who referred us here.

– Deepika Sharma

Phenomenal People

Continuous guidance and support from LexLords proved phenomenally helpful for us. They were like stress busters for us. I could completely rely on them for any information on our case and expect them to give me a transparent and informative view.

– Hardeep Singh

My Word on It – They Care!

I can vouch for LexLords and their team of highly skilled professionals for resolving any immigration related crisis. I have found them to be thorough, meticulous, and perfectly involved with their clients. I was in contact with them for full 7 years when my case for parental sponsorship was going on. It was a complex case and it seemed like I would never be able to sponsor my parents to immigrate to Canada. My brother had cerebral palsy and my mother could not have come without him. I wanted both to be there with me in Canada. No matter what documents I submitted, there was always a negative outcome. We had to appeal, make submissions, and fight legal battle at the level of the Federal Court to make things happen for us. We could not have done this without the team at LexLords who were both patient and persistent in their endeavor. Today when I look back, I can only thank my luck for having contacted them perchance. That was surely one of the best decisions of my life.

– Ramna Devi

Admiration and Gratitude for these Extraordinary People

An honest, ethical, and highly competent group of people, they are not only serious but also enthusiastic. They were thorough in their work and helped to submit an error-free and complete application file. I was really impressed with their knack for details and effective problem-solving skills. I would recommend them for legal aid and counseling on your immigration issues.

– Christopher Burge

Hard working and Efficient

We approached LexLords after the lawyer that we had hired earlier was found to be inadequately equipped to solve our case. When I approached them, I did not have much hope left because I had received my deportation orders and I could not surmise how it could be resolved now. LexLords changed my opinion completely about law and law firms. Their high level of professionalism is commendable. They have right information and are also prudent enough to analyze where to apply their knowledge. They really worked hard day and night for fixing my problem. I really admire the length to which they went to get a resolution for me. I will always remain indebted to them.

– Janet Lewis