A Difficult Case Made Easy

I moved to Canada in 2006 along with my partner. Both of us had got a respectable and high-paying job in Canada and wanted to stay here. As same-sex couples, we found it threatening to live in our respective countries. I decided that Canada can give us a promising future and a respectable life. We filed our permanent residency application independently and were convinced that we would not face any issues as we had a high-paying job and, also had the required CRS Points. Unfortunately, we could not clear the medical test and my partner was found medically inadmissible to Canada. Both of us were shattered on this news. This meant that we will have to be separated and go back to our respective countries. A friend suggested us to contact LexLords and speak to them. Though skeptical at first, we approached them and told them our story. The team at LexLords never judged us or saw us with indignity. They were always humble, polite, and highly graceful in the way they handled our case. They read the objection raised by the visa officer and found that the decision was ill-founded. There was nothing in the medical details of my partner that would make it inadmissible to Canada. The team at LexLords worked diligently on our appeal file. They were quite convinced that they will make it happen for us. They compiled an application demonstrating us as financially settled people with professional acumen. Recently, we were approved for permanent residency. We are extremely glad at this news. Only LexLords could have done this for us so efficiently and quickly. We are glad we met them in time. Thank you LexLords!

– Seema

Medically Inadmissibility Resolved

My profound gratitude to the team at LexLords for assisting me in getting through a very tough time in my life. My permanent residency application was rejected because of the mental condition of my daughter. The visa officer declared me inadmissible to Canada. The team at LexLords was highly committed, consistent and determined in their approach to getting things resolved. The in-depth knowledge that they have of each Canadian legal procedure is par excellence. I saw them assessing every legal procedure inside out to analyze critically the situation and see what solutions could work out. They were always pre-emptive in finding solutions to every objection that might be raised. I could not have gotten luckier when I contacted them. Thank you, team for making my dream of settling in Canada with my family come true.

– Tarsem Singh

In-Sync Team of Professionals

A team that means business. It will make it work out for you no matter what the initial challenges might be. You can trust them with your problem, and you will find the solution. I have never seen such highly committed and in-sync team. I highly appreciate the fact that they are detail-oriented and always targeted towards a positive result.

– Vishal Dhall

Medical Inadmissibility Challenged

After many years of waiting, we were extremely disappointed when my parental sponsorship was denied on account of my mother’s medical inadmissibility. We had no idea what to do further. This was a shock to the entire family as the mother was living along at that time. We heard about LexLords from a friend and immediately contacted them. At first, we were dumbfounded as legal words and procedures made no sense to us and we did not know what exactly to do. The team at LexLords, firstly, made us understand the entire process. They explained complex legal procedures to us bit by bit. They asked all relevant documents from us which we happily provided. Though there were some problems in procuring so many documents, but we did as we were being directed. The team helped us in procuring documents that we had previously ignored to submit. A lot of files related to my mother’s health condition were never submitted in the previous application. The process took a few months and we kept patience. We were delighted when the team announced it to us that case will be resolved, and my mother will become a permanent resident of Canada. I wish to thank the entire team at LexLords to make this happen for us. We will remain forever indebted to them.

– Abha Kumari

My heartfelt gratitude for LexLords for their extraordinary attention to detail

Had they not been so attentive to detail and meticulous, I would have long been deported from Canada. I wish to thank them for their knowledge, expertise, experience, and skill in the field. They worked on my application for rehabilitation hard. It was difficult to do that as I had a complex immigration history, but I never ever saw the daunted or dismayed. Their client behaviour is also commendable. I never found them looking down upon me as someone who was under threat of deportation. I could always trust them completely. So glad that I found them. Thank you LexLords a lot.

– Ashraf

Reunited with Son after 5 Years of wait

I want to recommend LexLords to everyone. They made it possible to reunite me with my son. I had lost all hope after five years of constant struggle. I must have visited fifty immigration lawyers to help me through the trouble, but it was only LexLords who sounded confident that they could find resolution to the conflict. Seriously, they are exemplary in their knowledge and expertise.

– Rebecca Attwood

Transparent Work Culture

The most sincere and efficient group of people. They deliver what they promise. No lies, no pretensions, and no false claims. They were transparent in their dealings with me. No hidden charges and no extra costs. I found them very client-friendly and responsible too. Thank you LexLords.

– Sarah

Dedicated Team Ensures Success.

I believe that I could become permanent resident of Canada only because of LexLords. The way my case was going earlier, I had lost all faith in lawyers. I had almost concluded that people are in this business simply to gulp down other people’s hard-earned money. LexLords changed my perception completely. They advised me to apply under the category of Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds. They worked diligently on my file to make it error-free, and to work on the inconsistencies in the immigration history. I really appreciate them for their dedication, hard work and dexterity. Could not have found better people than this. Thank you LexLords for being a class apart.

– Jaswinder Singh

CIient-focused Approach

I have always appreciated all the people at LexLords who are energetic, passionate and extremely talented when it comes to client-dealing and customer satisfaction. The team of thorough professionals are always on their toes when working on a case and deeply engaged with every detail of the application. Their experience had given them the ability to work pre-emptively so that they can help you work most thoroughly in areas in your application that might prove the most troublesome. Highly recommended.

– Tarsem Lal

Family Immigration Made Possible by LexLords

I approached LexLords for a family immigration file. The case was complicated, but they worked diligently on it. They always worked as a team and had a democratic way of dealing with things. Each of their members would add a perspective on a different detail in our application files and then those were discussed thoroughly by the team. No aspect was left ignored by their highly conscientious team. I was always satisfied by their approach and work culture. I want to give my deepest regards to the team. All the best for future too. Thank you!

– Ripudaman Singh