Delighted with The Outcome of a Medical Inadmissibility Application

My experience with LexLords was immensely satisfying and pleasing. We approached them when we were refused permanent residency in Canada on account of our son’s medical inadmissibility to Canada. The immigration office gave us only one month to respond. We approached LexLords at a friend’s suggestion. The team at Canadian Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh had a unique expertise in these medical cases and they made an extensive research into our son’s medical condition. They collected sufficient data to demonstrate that our son had been responding well to medical treatment and in no way will be a strain on Canadian health services. They also made extensive research on the doctors that could be contacted in our vicinity regarding my son’s condition and how their treatment would benefit our son. We recently received our Permanent Residency approval and are extremely delighted with the outcome.

– Sukhpal Singh

Cordial People and Great level of Expertise

LexLords assisted us in our application for Permanent Residency in Canada. I would like to announce that I just received my permanent residency status and the first people I would like to thank is the wonderful team at LexLords, who are all passionate professionals with great expertise. They guided me throughout the application process with utmost integrity and patience. I must have asked them a hundred questions on every step, but I never saw them frowning or irritated with my persistence. They were rather always considerate and cordial with me. I came to admire them personally as well for their knowledge and skill, and along with that also for their respect for their clients.

– Ravi Singh

Happy News

I am happy today to announce that I just received my PR status in Canada. It was all because of LexLords that I received my PR in such a less time. This could not have been possible without their ingenuity and unconventional approach in dealing with things. It was always satisfying to speak to them. They have great knowledge in their field and are constantly motivated to make things work for you. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for immigration solutions.

– Dalbir Singh

Sponsoring my family to Canada

I wanted to sponsor my family to Canada and as advised by a friend, I worked on the application independently. I was astounded when I learnt that our class was closed without any intimation within a few months of applying. We could not understand what went wrong and how we could mend it. There was some objection on medical condition of one of the members. I did not know what to do. Law and legalities were not my thing, so I thought of taking professional help. I was referred by a friend to LexLords so I contacted them. They made extensive research in my case and with it was due to their efforts that our file was reopened. Henceforth, it was easy for me as every little care was being taken by the team who showed immense interest and dedication to our case. I never had to pressurize them to work on my file. They were always pro-active in collecting all required data and documents that were necessary for my case. It was the best decision of my life to contact them for my case. I could not have been more satisfied.

– James Morris

Best Firm for Legal Issues Concerning Immigration

LexLords is a highly recommended firm of legal services for immigration. I approached them a few years back when our permanent residency application was denied on charges of misrepresentation. The team at LexLords helped us get through this traumatic time with their ingenuity with solution management and empathetic concern for their clients. We could not have found better legal representation anywhere else. Thank you LexLords.

– Manjit Kaur

Amazing Team!

The team at LexLords acted like true guides for me during my immigration process. Their level of professionalism and dedication is par excellence. It is rare that you come across people who win your instant admiration. I had a complex case as a refugee claimant, but they worked really hard on my application. From the application filing process to preparing me for the interview and the appeal, they guided me regarding every little detail. Sometimes, they seemed more driven to my case than I could expect hired people to be. Their commitment towards their clients is incredible. I would like to thank them today for this constant support that they gave me and would also like to recommend them to everyone dealing with immigration difficulties. Once you are with them all your worries will be taken care of.

– Nirmal Singh

Forever Grateful!

I approached LexLords for parental sponsorship under which I also wanted to sponsor my dependent sister. At first, there were some major contentions from the visa officer regarding my financial condition. Despite submitting all my proof of income, they continued to object to my capacity to take care of my disable sister. LexLords, at this point, proved to be godsend as they assisted me in making extensive submissions to the visa office showing the details of my income proof. They also demonstrated that my sister’s condition will not put any extra strain on either Canadian medical services or on my own financial condition. Thanks to the team of talented and knowledgeable folks at LexLords, today I live with my family in Canada and really cannot thank them enough for making this work for us.

– Raja Ram

Professional Acumen Unmatched

I was told by a friend that LexLords are experts in challenging immigration decisions made on medical or criminal inadmissibility grounds. Convinced, I contacted them instantly. From that day onward, I was never again anxious regarding my sponsorship application. I put my complete trust in them in the very first interaction because they had analyzed my case the way no other lawyer previously had. They, almost instantly, knew what went wrong in my application and helped me in submitting a highly persuasive application. I will always remain thankful to them for helping me through a very tough time. Their highly professional work ethic is undoubtedly unmatched.

– Christopher Blair

Thank you for your Immense Trust and Support

Thank you LexLords for your high level of competency and proficiency in your field. It was because of your in-depth knowledge and expertise that I could start a new life in Canada. I found the LexLords to be a responsible group of people but what was more remarkable that about them was their high level of competence when it comes to finding solutions to immigration problems. I found, during our conversations, that they had great knowledge about Canadian laws. They worked on my file, assessed it inside and out and then suggested that I should claim for refugee status under the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Category. They are blessed with both the knowledge and the instinct to work out solutions to the most complex of immigration issues. I admire them for their ability and skill. Thank you team!

– Sanjiv Kumar

Happy and Content

I was denied admissibility to Canada because of a criminal conviction that happened many years ago. I approached LexLords to help me with the processing with the file to immigrate to Canada. They were not only efficient but also highly focused. Whenever I spoke to them regarding my case, they were always a step ahead. Their experience was evident in the way they handled my case.  In cases as serious as mine, I could not have taken any chance with my application form. I was amazed how efficiently they worked at my case and proved before the Appeal Division that I was already rehabilitated. This was not easy and took a long time but finally I was given permanent residency to Canada. Today, I and wife are working in respectable jobs and are very happy.

– Balkaran Singh