Trustworthy and Passionate

I have always appreciated people who are committed to their work and also goal-driven. I found these qualities in people at Lexlords who exhibited high level of competency and proficiency throughout the time that they handled my immigration case. I hold them all in high regard and would like to recommend them to people who want to deal with people who are real go-getters.

– Jaspreet Kaur

Extraordinary Team

I want to thank the team LexLords for their vision, perseverance, and competence in dealing with immigration-related crisis. I had a complex case and when I approached them, I had already lost all hope. I did not feel that it will work out for me. However, the team at LexLords showed me a blueprint of how they are going to approach my case. They informed me how appeals can me made to IAD to challenge the immigration officer’s decision. They encouraged me to collate all data of my immigration history, work experience and arrange it in a sequential manner. After that, it was all their job. They really worked very hard on my appeal and contention. I am glad that I contacted Canada Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh and trusted them completely.

– Vinod Kumar

A Complex Case Resolved

My husband had a complex immigration history which was thwarting our ambitions to get Canadian citizenship. Over that, our previous lawyers had completely spoiled our case by their indifferent and careless attitude. They used a complete hit and trial method to solve my husband’s case and when nothing worked, they simply kept dragging us and charging us additional payments. We were really dejected, and woe-struck. When a friend advised us to contact LexLords, we simply ignored her suggestion. It was only after a few months of contemplation that we decided to hire the firm. Right from the first day of our discussion with them, we were convinced that they are unlike any other lawyers that we had consulted earlier. They worked vigorously on my husband’s file and tried to turn it around for us. They were always confident in their approach and the resolution that they offered. It was apparent from their speech and conduct that they knew what they were doing. I never had even a single moment of doubt with them. They made our appeal very persuasive and compelling. They also worked on all the gaps in my husband’s immigration history and worked out explanations in wherever we felt inadequate. They were always there to guide an support us. I never saw them delaying our case unnecessarily or intentionally prolonging it. Whenever I approached them, I was always satisfied that they had done their homework well. No matter what time of the day I contacted them, they would always respond with patience and calm. What an extraordinary group of people! Thank you LexLords for being so client-friendly and responsible. I would not have found a better team to entrust this grave case to. You are incredible and worthy of all praise. Thanks a lot for your constant help. God bless you all!

– Noreen Welsh


We came into contact with LexLords through a friend. They consulted us over the phone last year. I was in Canada with my wife on a work permit. We had filed for permanent residency in Canada and were awaiting the outcome when my wife’s cancer got detected. We got a treatment from a doctor in Switzerland and had to leave for Switzerland for many months. My wife’s medical report was duly sent back to Canada. We are happy today as we received our PR. We are extremely happy and want to thank LexLords to make this work for us.

– Philip Greenfield

Close Attention to Detail and Perfect Solutions

I approached LexLords for a complex case. They exhibited great strength of character and diligence in dealing with my case. I found them meticulous, methodical, and thorough in their work. I was highly impressed with nature of working and work ethics.

– Suvinder Singh

Successful Spousal Sponsorship

I want to thank LexLords for reuniting me with my wife after a period of five years. We had already become desolate by now but our meetings with the team at LexLords rejuvenated us to approach our case from a fresh outlook. LexLords means business and are extremely goal-driven rather than being money-driven. I appreciate all the efforts they did for us. Thank you LexLords.

– Charan Singh

Appreciable Work

From the day I approached LexLords, I no longer had to had to feel anxious for my paperwork or documentation. They did everything for me and that too with such conscientiousness and personal interest that I could only admire. I saw them taking such great interest in my case. They are also proficient in understanding their clients and that is one of the greatest accomplishments that they engage with their clients and keep them updated. I appreciate the human touch that was always there in all their communication with me. I was not a case for them but a human being. I do not think it is easy to find human touch in businesses these days. Really appreciate them! I also recommend them to anyone looking forward to immigrating to Canada but does know where to begin from. Just contact them and forget about your worries.

– Ramzan Khan

Hesitant Start, Phenomenal Finish

I was hesitant in contacting them at first because a lot of people had advised me to apply for permanent residency independently. They were of the opinion that all information is available online so I would need no help. Thank God I did not listen to them and contacted LexLords. They are extremely adept at what they do. I do not think I would have been able to deal with all the required paper work and documentation all alone without any professional help. I understood my case and worked on it thoroughly. I recommend them to anyone wishing to go abroad permanently. Just contact them and then leave it on them completely.

– Vera Owen

Heartfelt Gratitude

I am grateful to LexLords for reuniting me with my mother who had been living away from me from a very long time. We were really tired of facing issues with my application of parental sponsorship as my mother was declared medically inadmissible in Canada. That was a very tough time for all of us as a family. However, I did not have to look back ever since I came into contact with them. I really appreciate their high commitment to work and results of every case. They were really painstakingly involved with my case and worked assiduously to figure out possible outcomes to my case. I do not think anyone else could have done this for me. Thank you LexLords, you are phenomenal.

– Kalyan Chand

Unmatched Excellence

LexLords are unlike many others law firms which have recruited lawyers with inadequate knowledge and expertise. LexLords knows what it means for people wishing to immigrate to Canada and what level of commitment is needed to make immigration possible for the bulk. Canadian law is not a very easy one and you can not take their norms lightly. It is also difficult for us to assess what programs suits our requirements and how we can fulfill the requirements for applying under different categories. The team at LexLords is proficient in their job, and also hard working. They were always fully prepared whenever we had to attend a hearing for an appeal. I never saw them under-prepared or negligent towards their work. Their research was always thorough, and they represented my case with full persuasion and confidence. Once I contacted them, I never had to bother myself with making independent researches to find solutions for my case. When I received my PR, they were the first people I informed. I feel so indebted to them for making an almost impossible thing happen for me. Grateful always. Thank you LexLords. My association with you was delightful and time saving.

– Robert Messenger