Express Entry Successes

I have never come across a team of professionals who can get together and solve the most crucial cases. My case was a complicated one and had it not been for LexLords, my file could have taken forever to be processed. The team is knowledgeable, experienced and have an expertise over their field. They helped me in collecting relevant documents and they also guided me for the interview. It was always easy to speak to the team members. They were all always available in case I needed to speak to them for guidance. I am grateful that my friend recommended them to me, and I contacted them. Couldn’t have been so easy without them. Thank you Lexlords Team!

– Andrew

No Money Minting, Only Business

I am Permanent Resident of Canada all because of the grave efforts of people at LexLords. They committed themselves completely to my case and would always contact me first to update on my case. I never saw them delaying the case unnecessarily just for economic gains. I loved the way they worked. I would highly recommend Canada Immigration lawyers in Chandigarh to all.

– Jagir Singh

Impressive Collaborative Work

I contacted LexLords after speaking to a friend who had also been recommended to them recently. I had my doubts at first but then my friend once asked me to accompany him to their office. Committed and hard-working people have always impressed me. I found them to be highly industrious and diligent. They knew their subject and were well-versed in legal terminology. I was quite convinced in the first meeting that they were the right people to go to. I have never regretted that decision. They have done a monumental job on my file. I and my family will always be grateful to them. Thank you, Lexlords team for always being there.

– Richard Dingwall

High Work Ethic

LexLords helped us in challenging a decision made by a visa officer reading my father’s medical inadmissibility in Canada. It was a long and complicated case which took many years to get resolved. My father’s medical inadmissibility accumulated with my own financial instability deterred us to be successful on our application. I found LexLords to be highly committed to my case. They had always done their homework when I contacted them. I am highly impressed with their professional work ethic as they never kept any hidden charges. Their cost was always transparent, and they never showed laxity in their dealing. I would suggest anyone undergoing immigration troubles to contact them.

– Nick Hodgson

Extensive Efforts of LexLords get us to Canada

My family is a huge admirer of LexLords. What a group of professional people whose work was always detailed, accurate and comprehensive. They took care of the minutest detail needed in an error-free application and helped us in submitting a compelling application. Today when I look back, I think that I could not have done it without them. Things can be messy if an application is not taken seriously. I am glad I contacted them at the very first stage. Thank you LexLords for being so particular for detail. You did for us. Thank you.

– Sophia

Do Consult them if Facing Immigration Issues

I have been in contact with LexLords from a long time. Recently, I received my Permanent Residency for Canada. I truly believe that it could not have been possible without the consistent help and guidance of the LexLords team. I had an inadmissibility issue and at one point I felt that I will never succeed with my residency application ever. When I contacted people at LexLords, they firstly counseled me and explained me my case fully. I was amazed at their profound knowledge on the subject. Their in-depth knowledge and confidence convinced me that things were not as bad as it looked. I believe they are the best in their business and are incredible in their knowledge and expertise. Anyone facing immigration woes must consult them.

– Vikram

Success in a Difficult Case

I was facing criminal conviction and possibility of deportation from Canada when I first contacted LexLords on the suggestion of a colleague. LexLords worked really hard to prove in Federal Court that I was already rehabilitated. I will always remain indebted to them for saving me from getting deported from Canada. A deportation once done, would have created unnecessary financial burden for me. Going back to my home country was not even an option for me as I had lost all ties with my home country. I am grateful that they happened to me. Thank you LexLords for your ingenious methods of problem-solving.

– Roop Singh

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Versatile Team

LexLords are a group of professionally versatile people who can come together and work in total harmony to find resolution to any immigration problem. I can vouch for them in their expertise of legal matters. They are skilled, committed, and persistent in their approach. I want to take the opportunity to thank Canada Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh in helping in getting my permanent residency application approved.

– Vipan Kumar

Appreciable Commitment to Work

We contacted them when our refugee claim went wrong. They helped us throughout the case with personal attention and interest. They made excellent observations on our case which helped s to redress the issues raised by the RIC. They also helped us on compiling all the required data needed to demonstrate that my and I were under threat in our home country and needed protection. Though the officer first doubted if my wife and I were really married, the team at LexLords left no stone unturned to overcome all possible glitches in our file. After the first objection, they revised the entire file and worked on whatever omissions and irregularities they found in our application. I am glad I contacted them. Today we are happily settled in Canada as permanent residents and often think of the extraordinary work done by people at LexLords. Perfect people under one roof.

– Tariq

Long Wait Finally Ends

We had to struggle for 5 years before becoming Permanent residents in Canada and we must have contacted at least 1o lawyers during that time. It was a disappointing experience to realize that most of the people in this business are so marginally equipped with the requirements that this profession requires. My doubts were shed only after contacting LexLords at the suggestion of a friend. When I contacted them, I realized they knew so much about the program that I wanted to apply under. They gave me an insight into the program and the requirements for it. They highlighted, very easily, what was going wrong in my application and why it was getting rejected. I was amazed at their awareness and experience. From then on, I never doubted if I will every immigrate to Canada. Today I have a permanent residency in Canada and thank my luck that I contacted them before it was too late for me.

– Martine-Gomez