Canadian Success Story: Thriving After Safe Third Country Agreement Immigration

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Canadian Success Story: Thriving After Safe Third Country Agreement Immigration

At LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers, we are committed to providing successful outcomes for our client’s immigration needs. One such success story involves a client who was navigating the complexities of the Safe Third Country Agreement Immigration in Canada. Our able team of lawyers stepped in and provided the necessary advice and guidance, enabling our client to blossom in their new home.

Understanding the Safe Third Country Agreement

  • The Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States stipulates that refugees must make their asylum claim in the first safe country they reach unless they qualify for an exception to the Agreement.
  • As per this agreement, Canada and the United States consider each other as safe countries for refugees.
  • The agreement is based on the principle, set out in the Refugee Convention that individuals should seek asylum at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our Client’s Challenge

Our client was facing a major challenge under this agreement. They had transited through the United States before reaching Canada, creating legal complications about where their asylum claim should be processed.

Our Legal Strategy

At LexLords, we formulated a comprehensive legal strategy for our client’s case. Our approach included but was not limited to:

  1. Analyzing the specifics of our client’s situation as well as their eligibility for exceptions under the Safe Third Country Agreement.
  2. Determining which Canadian immigration laws and international laws could potentially apply to our client’s case.
  3. Exploring precedents set by previous court decisions involving similar circumstances.
    1. Consideration of the case law Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Hassan, where the court found that the Safe Third Country Agreement does not apply to those who enter Canada irregularly.
    2. Examination of the landmark case of Canadian Council for Refugees v. Canada, which highlighted the need for assessing the safety of the country in question for the particular refugee.

Our Client’s Success

With our detailed analysis and strong legal strategy, we were able to achieve a favorable outcome for our client. We secured the right to have their asylum claim processed in Canada by demonstrating their eligibility for an exception under the Safe Third Country Agreement.


LexLords Canada Immigration Lawyers are proud of the legal victory we achieved for our client. We continue to strive for excellence, guided by our commitment to honesty, integrity, and client dedication. If you are facing immigration issues and need legal assistance, reach out to us today.

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