Beware of Marriage Frauds

Marriage frauds means when prospective immigrants to Canada are hoodwinked to believe that marrying a Canadian Citizen is the only way available for them to immigrate to Canada. People usually get entrapped in fake marriages for an easy immigration to Canada. Most of the people who seek settlement in Canada based on these fake marriages have to suffer because a lot of times these set-ups turn sour because of further frauds committed by the unknown stranger that have married under dupe. We have been approached by many young people in Canada who were duped by their own immigration consultants to get into this practice.

Canadian Immigration law has become extremely severe in punishing those who seek settlement in Canada through fraud, misrepresentation or dishonest means. Marriage of convenience or false marriages are viewed to be one of the highest kinds of misrepresentation and legal offence. We strictly advise against it. In case your fraud marriage is discovered by the immigration officers, you stand all the chance to lose your permanent residency card, work permit and/or also revocation of your Canadian citizenship. You will be deported from the country and re-applying after such a case is out of question.

In case, you feel that your chances for immigration to Canada are bleak under normal circumstances, it is better to consult an immigration lawyer who can still find many ways to help you in your immigration.