Applying for International Experience Canada Work Permit

The application process of International Experience Canada Work Permit program was recently changed. The application process has been made available online. Different parameters set will determine who is eligible to apply online and who will make paper applications. In some cases, both methods will be used.

There are two parts to the new online application. An applicant will have to take an online eligibility assessment to determine if he/she qualifies under the program, and then the applicant will also take an online work permit assessment by using tools like MyCIC account and IEC-Kompass account.

The program, at this point, is accepting limited applications and will be filled on first-come-first- served basis.

If you are interested in applying for the International Experience Canada Work Permit, you are advised to consult an experienced immigration lawyer who can help you in compiling a persuasive application. We, at LexLords, are known for our high level of competence and experience in immigration cases and would be glad to assist you in making a compelling case for you.