Appeal on Medical Inadmissibility Finding

People facing rejection on their application on medical inadmissibility finding can apply for a judicial review to the Federal Court of Canada if they are convinced that there is some error in determination of medical inadmissibility. In such a case, it is best to consult an immigration lawyer with specific experience in appeals and reviews. A strong submission along with proper documents that prove that you will not be an extra burden on Canadian health and social services are required to overcome the inadmissibility finding. However, this is neither easy not advisable without an immigration officer. Our firm has many years of experience in dealing with inadmissibility appeals. Our success is resounding in such cases where we have represented many clients who were suffering from diseases that are recognized as inadmissible in Canada. Yet, we have re-united many parents with their children in Canada and many sibling and partners by representing them with the most persuasive counter argument.