A Refugee Becomes Permanent Resident of Canada: New Beginnings

We were first approached by our client on phone. When we spoke to her on the phone for the first time, we knew she was high aspirational and for now stuck in a labyrinth of uncertainty over her future.

She had immigrated to Bahrain when the situation in Iraq got worse. There was bloodshed and destruction all around. Human life lost its value. No body seemed to care. People’s activism was curtailed and the government failed to ensure safety and security for its citizens.

She knew that as a woman, she cannot expect to have a dignified life in Iraq. With such extreme violence and uncertainty everywhere, she had to do something to ensure a happy life for herself. Her parents supported her decision to leave the country for Bahrain. Though leaving her parents behind was a difficult decision for She, she wanted to leave so that she could explore new avenues and then call her parents to live with her.

She went to Bahrain and joined a job. She was extremely happy being independent and safe. Though she missed her parents badly, she was not able to get them to Bahrain as the situation in Iraq did not allow her parents to think about moving yet. Additionally, She was yet not sure if she would be able to accommodate her parents in a new country as she was herself putting up in a hostel.

In a few years, she managed to visit her parents twice. The situation in her side of the country had got better in recent year but war was imminent. She knew she cannot abandon her dreams and stay in Iraq. She insisted her parents to come along with her but that would have taken a long time as they did not even have passports. However, they did not stop She from moving back. In fact, they were adamant that she leaves the country as soon as possible. Women’s lives in the country side had become threatened because of such wide scale of violence everywhere.

Hesitant, she did come back with the resolution that she will get her parents out as early as possible.

When she returned to Bahrain, she could not find peace. She constantly remained worried about her parents’ safety. As their only child, she knew that she is the only one to take care of them. She could not have abandoned them in old age. She’s job in Bahrain was good but not where she would have liked to stay all her life. Sadly, there were less job opportunities to meet the caliber of She. She felt stifled a lot of time due to less precedence given to women employees.

While speaking to a friend about dream destinations, She happened to learn a thing or two about Canada from her friend. Instantly, She took fancy to Canada and decided to explore more about it. Her special concern was refugee protection so that she could move into Canada and begin a new life along with her family who was still stuck in Iraq. That is when she decided to use our Refugee & Asylum immigration to Canada services.

She collected all her documents and applied for a refugee claim. She knew that life has to be started from a new point and she would have to take some new risks. Going to a new country was still a safer option in order to ensure a happy life for herself.

When she reached Canada, she was stunned by the Canadian landscape, people. culture and standard of living. She instinctively knew that she was in the right place.  In Canada, she appeared for her hearing. During her hearing, all the CBSA officers considered her a brave girl to have mustered the courage to travel to two unknown countries looking for happiness and safety. No one will disagree with the fact that Iraq was becoming an intolerant country, especially for women.

She’s refugee claim was approved and she was extremely happy. Recently, she became the permanent resident of Canada. She had retained our services to apply for her permanent residency card. At present, we are in the process of applying parental sponsorship to bring her parents to Canada. She is really excited and so are we.

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