A Difficult Case Made Easy

I moved to Canada in 2006 along with my partner. Both of us had got a respectable and high-paying job in Canada and wanted to stay here. As same-sex couples, we found it threatening to live in our respective countries. I decided that Canada can give us a promising future and a respectable life. We filed our permanent residency application independently and were convinced that we would not face any issues as we had a high-paying job and, also had the required CRS Points. Unfortunately, we could not clear the medical test and my partner was found medically inadmissible to Canada. Both of us were shattered on this news. This meant that we will have to be separated and go back to our respective countries. A friend suggested us to contact LexLords and speak to them. Though skeptical at first, we approached them and told them our story. The team at LexLords never judged us or saw us with indignity. They were always humble, polite, and highly graceful in the way they handled our case. They read the objection raised by the visa officer and found that the decision was ill-founded. There was nothing in the medical details of my partner that would make it inadmissible to Canada. The team at LexLords worked diligently on our appeal file. They were quite convinced that they will make it happen for us. They compiled an application demonstrating us as financially settled people with professional acumen. Recently, we were approved for permanent residency. We are extremely glad at this news. Only LexLords could have done this for us so efficiently and quickly. We are glad we met them in time. Thank you LexLords!

– Seema